Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meredith Music Festival 2010

Day 1

Who knew how much Surf music owed Mexico

Puta Madre Brothers - Live @ Meredith - 10 Dec 2010

Jeff The Brotherhood - Live @ Meredith - 10 Dec 2010

Reverend Horton Heat - Live @ Meredith - 10 Dec 2010

Day 2

Washed Out - Live @ Meredith - 11 Dec 2010

Girls - Live @ Meredith - 11 Dec 2010

Custard - Live @ Meredith - 11 Dec 2010

The Fall - Live @ Meredith - 11 Dec 2010

Neil Finn - Live @ Meredith - 11 Dec 2010

As I mentioned elsewhere a poor choice of footwear led to my being unable to stand much after Neil Finn so I missed the Sharon Jones and the Dirty Three sets. I have a recording of Dirty Three by another taper that I will post in a day or two. Also from that source are sets by Kyu, Little Red, and Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.

And late that night I heard from my tent The Field and it seemed that it was the best thing of the weekend.

Day 3

This man has lived through a lot but he has written some truly great songs about it.
Dead Salesmen Duo - Live @ Meredith - 12 Dec 2010

Sally Seltman - Live @ Meredith - 12 Dec 2010

Those Darlin's - Live @ Meredith - 12 Dec 2010


SeanceMascara said...

I think I love you.

I wish I'd recorded Puta Madre Brothers and Jeff The Brotherhood. Great to have sets by them. Also... washed out is a surprise too. Thanks for recording the bands I didn't. Are you going to golsen plains?

Anonymous said...

great job on the recordings

any chance you could post that Dirty 3 recording soon? It was a cracker of a set, that night.

Anonymous said...

yeah man, please post the dirty three concert. nice recordings by the way, much respect. keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if anybody recorded the Pantha du Prince set?
Thanks! Nick job btw

Unknown said...

Dirty Three set?

SeanceMascara said...

Who's the other guy who taped here? does he have a webpage?

Anonymous said...

Hey mate,

I was wondering you could re-up the link for the Girls set at Meredith?!

Thanks a bunch!

3000tapes said...

Long shot but what ever happened to the other taper? And did he/you go to Golden Plains just passed. I somehow didn't hit record for Bombino and am regretting it :(