Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ummmm Custard.

at the Powerhouse last night.  Front Row 15ft from the front line.  Possibly one of the best recording I have captured. 
Also have a bunch of video shot on my Nokia N8 which are also fabulous but occasionally the sound is clipped.  I'll post the better ones later tonight when they are finally uploaded to youtube or vimeo.
The end of the recording features me saying thanks to Dave when he came along the front row shaking hands and me discussing with the girl sitting next to me which set list was mine :)

Custard - Live @ The Powerhouse -17 Sept 2011

Two McCormack sets in a row.  Must be a fan or something.


Simone said...

I was very glad there were two set lists otherwise there may have been a fight to the death haha. Good to meet you last night!

AF said...

Phew! The thought "I hope that this set shows up on the turnitupto10 blog" actually went through my head at some point during this gig. :) It was a great show, and I look forward to listening to this.

I have to say though that it felt a little odd sitting down to watch Custard.

Helen said...

Wasn't able to get to the concert (le sigh) but this recording made up for it.

This is a fantastic recording, good work.