Tuesday, September 7, 2010

And Ends Here

after Frankly! I trudged through streets still on fire to the train to South Brisbane to get to Burst City again. It was this or Powderfinger. I think I chose wisely.

Geese - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

Sulphur Lights - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

The Nugs - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

Leftwaffe - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

But seriously it is possible to have too much reverb on vocals. i would suggest that when the audience has no idea what you are trying to say for banter or station announcements or whatever the hell is occurring between songs then that is probably too much.

The Weekend Starts Here

Burst City is fast becoming the place of choice for a night out. Cheap, cheerful, under regulated. And usually a well thought out band list. Tonight I missed Fabulous Diamonds as they were running a bit late and I was to see them the next day at Frankly. The set they played was apparently harder than the Frankly set. That would have been influenced by the supports from Blank Realm and a very heavy Slug Guts.

Deadnotes - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

Blank Realm - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

Slug Guts - Live @ Burst City - 03 Sept 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Frankly! It's A Pop Festival 2010

Laurence English is one of Brisbane's Living National Treasures. ROOM40 is his place of work and it is unfailingly interesting if not really great. He curated this festival and it all fit together so well. I missed Crayon Fields but here are the rest of the acts. High Places and Surf City were my highlights.

For best results listen with headphones.

Fabulous Diamonds - Live @ Frankly! 2010 - 04 Sept 2010

Guy Blackman - Live @ Frankly! 2010 - 04 Sept 2010

Surf City - Live @ Frankly! 2010 - 04 Sept 2010

High Places - Live @ Frankly! 2010 - 04 Sept 2010

Xiu Xiu - Live @ Frankly! 2010 - 04 Sept 2010

Grateful Beasts with New Microphones

They work real nice. Grateful Beasts consist of Otto and Redbeard. Otto is a guitarist from The Hymies. Redbeard is from other stuff. To be honest the best bits are when Otto plays guitar. They have played twice and Otto is moving to Melbourne. This was pretty much a rehearsal.

Grateful Beasts - Live @ Rics - 01 Sept 2010

Tiny Spiders, Undead Apes, And Broken Microphones

This was my first visit to the new Clubhouse. It is in a room under a pub and quite spacious, nice area in general. Looking forward to more shows there. The sound system is OK I guess. But the FOH is set to one side and on the night the sound guy was a bit slack in adjusting once the set was started. In the Tiny Spiders set he wandered out to the floor about two songs before the end and wandered back and twiddled something and suddenly I could hear the vocals.

Undead Apes were great. Really looking forward to their recorded output soon.

Tiny Spiders - Live @ The Clubhouse - 27 Aug 2010

Undead Apes - Live @ The Clubhouse - 27 Aug 2010

and then my microphones died. So i went home and ordered some more. This was Friday night at 10.30pm in Brisbane. I ordered from Sound Professionals in New Jersey where it was 8.30am Friday morning. Paid for the UPS Express delivery. Followed the package as it went from NJ to Louisville KY to Honolulu to Sydney where it arrived at 12.30pm Sunday. Then it took till Tuesday morning to move the last 1000km.

But I'm ready.