Saturday, December 24, 2011

Future Of The Left

I have no idea why but the FOTL set from The Zoo did not turn out.  The Turnpike set was fine as you will hear.  But I did get the Tym Guitars in-store set which was wonderful plus a couple of videos.  Enjoy

Future Of The Left - Live @ Tym Guitars In Store - 6-Dec-11

This was the best set I have ever heard from Turnpike.  That seems to be the opinion of most Turnpike fans I have spoken to.  The sound was excellent [Thanks Cam] Adam found the mic almost every time and the band was tight and enjoying themselves.  Turnpike has the best banter.

Turnpike - Live @ The Zoo - 6-Dec-11

This FOTL video is from The Zoo show and gives you an idea of what you missed.

Merenoise Melltdown 2011

Merenoise Records is a great little label here in Brisbane who put out records by people they like. This seems to be their criteria and I'm happy if they're happy.  Every now and then they throw a party.  I missed The Horrortones, Hits, and Guitar Wolf when I went to The Waiting Room to check Harmony.  I had every intention of getting back but didn't.

Tiny Migrants - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

Go Violets were wonderful.    4 girls playing pop rock who can only get better and they are good now.

Go Violets - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

plus a couple of videos.

Texas Tea as a 4 piece was nice.

Texas Tea - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

The Dangermen - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

No Anchor - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

Cannons - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

Standing 8 Counts are a band with a future

Standing 8 Counts - Live @ Merenoise Meltdown - 3-Dec-11

Sebadoh with Smudge

I didn't get all of the Sebadoh set. Also I didn't particularly enjoy the evening. Jason Loewenstein's pieces I didn't find very interesting and they disrupted the flow. Most of the people I have mentioned that to think I'm mad. Maybe on another night I might feel different about it.

Smudge - Live @ The Hi-Fi Brisbane - 22-Sep-11

Sebadoh - Live @ The Hi-Fi Brisbane - 22-Sep-11

The Drones

The Drones doing what The Drones do. Until the next album which apparently is different. I look forward to it. I also look forward to A Thousand Mistakes which I have purchased for Christmas viewing.

The Drones - Live @ The Hi Fi - 29 October 2011

A Room40 Spectacular - Open Frame 2011 and Lawrence English Solo

One night of the Open Frame Festival put on by the very wonderful Room40 and Laurence English. If any recordings require headphones these are them. Noise cancelling are best. I have a pair of audio-technica ATH-ANC7b and they work a treat.

Minamo - Live @ Open Frame - 29 September 2011

Our Love Will Destroy The World - Live @ Open Frame - 29 September 2011

Scott Morrison - Live @ Open Frame - 29 September 2011

Lawrence launched his new LP The Peregrine at The Judy supported by the Brisbane edition of Lonely Women’s Club. The Lonely Women’s Club recording will be up as soon as Mediafire gets its act together.

Lawrence English - Live @ The Judith Wright Centre - 17 Nov 2011