Sunday, January 22, 2012

I Spoke Too Soon

When I said everything on this blog was OK and not effected by the megaupload thing I was wrong. Everything before May 2009 was in fact on megaupload. I had in mind that I started using Mediafire and Blogger at about the same time. I was wrong. All up I guess there are around 600 files to re-upload between the other blog and here. Could take a while. Again if there is anything in particular you want let me know in comments here.

Thanks for your patience.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Megaupload is Dead

This has no effect on any links here as they are all mediafire links.

However everything on There Is Always A Past was on megaupload. 438 sets. Pretty sure nothing is lost as I still have either the original wav file for everything and in most cases mp3 s as well. It is going to take a while to re-upload that many but it will be done. If anyone is desperate for some particular set let me know and I'll add it to the front of the queue.

Monday, January 9, 2012


Most of a short set at a house party for Christmas. These guys have improved a lot.

Cobwebbs - Live @ Mabel St - 17 Dec 2011

The Axmen

Actually didn't really enjoy the band too much. But you may.

The Axmen - Live @ The Primitive - 10 Dec 2011

Kurt Vile & The Violators

I was looking forward to Kurt Vile after seeing him at Primavera. The extended set was more relaxed and the audience including me had a great time. I left before the last couple of songs as it was way late after Blank Realm delayed proceedings for a long time with gear problems. Shit happens.

Kellie Lloyd - Live @ Woodland - 08 Dec 2011

Blank Realm - Live @ Woodland - 08 Dec 2011

Kurt Vile & The Violators - Live @ Woodland - 08 Dec 2011


Can't believe how good these guys sound.

Precious Jules - Live @ The Zoo - 05 Dec 2011
Both of them.
Mudhoney - Live @ The Zoo - 05 Dec 2011

More Replacements.

These are also replacing 64kb mp3s posted earlier. Last ones I promise. If you took the earlier copies dump them and get these. Thanks. Normal service will resume in a moment

BMXrays - Live @ Ric's - 02 Nov 2011 V2

Turnpike - Live @ Ric's - 02 Nov 2011 V2

X - Live @ The Spring Hill Hotel - 13 Nov 2011 V2

Hits - Live @ The Beetle Bar - 12 Nov 2011 (2)

I wasn't at The Beetle Bar for the X set there, sorry.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Future of The Left @ The Zoo

Actually I played around with the Zoo recording and got this which is C at best. The heavy hiss in the background is most noticeable between songs though as the band play loud enough to drown it out. Not my best but I post it for completeness.

Future Of The Left - Live @ The Zoo - 06 Dec 2011

In Case You Missed Them

Blogger has posted a couple of posts down the page rather than the top so you may have missed a couple of recent excellent posts

Future Of The Left [at Tym Guitars] and Turnpike [at The Zoo]
Merenoise Meltdown 2011

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

per purpose and Ivy St also replaced

This is ridiculous.  Somehow the encoder settings on these three [so far] recordings were screwed up.  Here are the re-encoded sets from per purpose and Ivy St

per purpose - Live @ Woodland - 11 Nov 2011

Ivy St - Live @ Woodland - 11 Nov 2011

Stag Recording Replaced

If you downloaded the Stag recording since it was posted please replace it with this one. The original sounded like crap and I apologize to Stag for not checking the settings in the encoder.

Stag - Live @ Woodland - 11 Nov 2011

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Tiny Spiders - Live @ The Alhambra - 5-Dec-11

Disappointed with Millions who seemed to be uninvolved on the night. And amyone who recognizes the Beatles cover in their set is smarter than anyone else in the room I spoke to.

Millions - Live @ The Alhambra - 5-Dec-11

UMO were fun. Particularly liked the drumming for some reason. plus the Can cover 'Vitamin C'

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Live @ The Alhambra - 5-Dec-11

Ben Salter launches The Cat

at the Zoo with Texas Tea. Ben Salter mainstay of such diverse bands as Giants Of Science, The Gin Club, and The Young Liberals also does solo though he is supported by an ace backing band on this LP launch tour. The LP is pretty god too.

Texas Tea - Live @ The Zoo - 23-Sep-11

Ben Salter - Live @ The Zoo - 23-Sep-11

A couple of songs

Harmony and Turnpike

At the Waiting Room not surprisingly any more. Came to catch Harmony in the middle of Merenoise Meltdown [coming soon to a post near you] and got Turnpike as a bonus. Harmony are really great. I am looking forward to seeing them at Golden Plains in March.

Never did make it back to the Meltdown and so missed Guitar Wolf. But I did see Harmony.

Harmony - Live @ The Waiting Room - 3-Dec-11

Turnpike - Live @ The Waiting Room - 3-Dec-11

Cyberne at The Waiting Room

Missed this before. A great Japanese noise band at The Waiting Room.

Cyberne - Live @ The Waiting Room - 4-Nov-11

Screamfeeder retire on top

Big night. Screamfeeder finally call it quits and play most of the songs they know some of which I miss as I am old and employed unlike everyone else in the room. Supported by Tape Off who just get better every time. And Violent Soho practicing before taking to an ATP slot in London.

Tape Off - Live @ Woodland - 1-Dec-11
Violent Soho - Live @ Woodland - 1-Dec-11
Screamfeeder - Live @ Woodland - 1-Dec-11

Die On Planes, Happy New Year, and The Rational Academy

The Waiting Room continues its ascent to the top of the pile. Last die on planes show. Last Happy New Year show in Brisbane I think. Another great Rational Academy set.

Die On Planes - Live @ The Waiting Room - 25-Nov-11
The Rational Academy - Live @ The Waiting Room - 25-Nov-11
Happy New Year - Live @ The Waiting Room - 25-Nov-11

X the next day and Hits at The Beetle Bar the night before

The beer flowed like beer flowing at a Hits gig.

Hits - Live @ The Beetle Bar - 12-Nov-11

X - Live @ The Spring Hill Hotel - 13-Nov-11

per purpose LP launch at Woodland

Ivy St - Live @ Woodlands - 11-Nov-11

Stag - Live @ Woodlands - 11-Nov-11

per purpose - Live @ Woodland - 11 Nov 2011

Redbeard had a party and Turnpike came

Also BMXrays.

BMXrays - Live @ Ric's - 2-Nov-11

Turnpike - Live @ Ric's - 2-Nov-11

One day at the Pub the Standing 8 Counts

got back together.

The Standing 8 Counts - Live @ The Crown Hotel - 30-Oct-11