Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dave McCormack Ends It All.

the year I mean.

Little Murders is Dave's new album. Here is the launch show at The Hi-Fi.
Seja started off the night and her beefed up sound [now feat guitar and drums] is great. Unfortunately I was experimenting with equipment and while the first half is OK the second half with the drummer is clipped to hell. I may post part of the show later.

Gentle Ben followed and did his usual thing of making every other man in the room look ugly and uncoordinated. Bastard.

Dave was great. Seriously is there such a thing as a bad Dave McCormack show? Or are some just better than others?

Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 26 Dec 2009

Dave McCormack & The Polaroids - Live @ The Hi- Fi - 26 Dec 2009

Thank You All
I've had a great year and I'd especially like to thank all the people involved in the shows I did attend. New Year starts tomorrow with Roots Manuva and Jan and Feb are full on.

Thank you all for listening. Music is the best.

Here is Seja's set from the day. The last three songs have some distortion in the drum sounds but are listenable. The songs are good enough to get you through.

Seja - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 26 Dec 2009

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Odds & Ends

Tidying up my hard drive to get ready for the new year and a couple of small things.

I stopped in at Ric's one evening for a beer before a show somewhere else and caught The Sunday Reeds sound check. Here it is.

Sunday Reeds - Sound Check @ Ric's - 28 Aug 2009

The Hard-Ons 25th Anniversary show I seem to have missed the start of the encore but here are most of the first song with Ray on vocals and the last song. I must have been tireder than I thought. I didn't even know I had this till last night.

The Hard-Ons - Extra Tracks - Live @ The Step Inn - 06 Nov 2009

Kev Carmody played at the Valley Fiesta and my recording was marred by the road noise from the highway that ran right past the back of the stage. I have gone back to it and with the magic of filters and noise reduction technology have made it quite listenable. So if you got the original then throw it out and get this copy. I have also replaced the link in the original post with this one.

Kev Carmody - Live @ The Valley Fiesta 2009

Tomorrow the Dave McCormack Boxing Day Show then I'm up to date.

Lightning Bolt

Try this. The whole show was amazing. Final show from The Grey Daturas, The Primitive Calculators get back together, Slug Gutz bring in the new, Abject Leader bring the incomprehensible AV shows on 16mm [I don't record soundtracks], and Lightning Bolt bring the noize.

But the sound is difficult. The Grey Dat's drone is hard enough at the best of times and the set here is actually OK.

The Primitive Calculators should really stop asking the crowd if they can hear the [bass,organ,guitar,vocals] because the crowd usually says "No, turn it up" So the sound is mush. Why do they have a sound person in the first place if they are going to rely on a bunch of drunks down the front to set levels.

Lightning Bolt, well I would have had to have been in the front row and then I'd have bass in the left ear and drums in the right but there is no way I would go into that crowd. As it was I was only 10ft back and up a step and what I got was mainly bass. I have treated the recording a bit to up the drums but there are better recordings around.

Slug Gutz - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009
The Grey Daturas - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009
Primitive Calculators - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009
Lightning Bolt - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vampillia and Turnpike

Not quite the last 2009 show. But one of my favourite bands, Turnpike, supporting Vampillia, A Japanese barrel of laughs. Vampires, Opera, and Ninja Guitar.

No Name is actually the Vampillia drummer playing along to some cool lounge jazz stylings. When I say playing along I mean over the top of. Very good he is. But Rational Academy were left with only 15 minutes to play and Laurence English played for a similar time and got so excited he broke his Macs screen.

Merry Christmas to all my visitors. Last show of 2009 will be Dave McCormack's Supa Happy Fun Day show with Seja and Gentle Ben as supports. The New Year kicks off on Jan 1 with Roots Manuva and then a bunch of festivals like Laneway and Sunset Sounds. No BDO in 2010 for me. Seriously, Muse?? Again?? Anyway have a happy and safe holiday season wherever you are.

Turnpike - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009

No Name - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009

The Rational Academy - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009

Vampillia - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009-50

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sorry bout the dump.

Off to Meredith this weekend so I thought I'd better catch up. Promise to get the next lot up in good time.

Monday, December 7, 2009


at the Hi-Fi

Del Toro up first and with the keyboard added the guitar goes exploring a bit more. Only downside is the keys cover some of the bass sound and Tam's bass is a big part of my enjoyment of this band.

Laura was as good as I remembered.

Mono were very powerful and beautiful. Strings would have been nice to give some variety. The songs are similarly structured but never boring and 90min went by in a flash.

Del Toro - Live @ The Hi Fi - 06 Dec 2009

Laura - Live @ The Hi Fi - 06 Dec 2009

MONO - Live @ The Hi Fi - 06 Dec 2009

Ukelele Everywhere

then riffs. Lots of riffs

Amibitious Lovers - Live @ The clubhouse - 04 Dec 2009

Scott Matthews - Live @ X&Y Bar - 04 Dec 2009

Giants Of Science - Live @ The Step Inn - 04 Dec 2009

Pretty Boys - Live @ The Step Inn - 04 Dec 2009

Dave Graney is God

Well a god at least. That is all.

Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist - Set 1 - Live @ The Powerhouse - 29 Nov 2009

Dave Graney & The Lurid Yellow Mist - Set 2 - Live @ The Powerhouse - 29 Nov 2009

Songs Sing

assisted by locals Oh Ye Denver Birds and Jezabel from out of town. Beautiful.

Oh Ye Denver Birds - Live @ The Clubhouse - 28 Nov 2009

The Jezabels - Live @ The Clubhouse - 28 Nov 2009

Songs - Live @ The Clubhouse - 28 Nov 2009-80low

Meanwhile, Out In The Front Bar

Rational Academy and No Anchor.

The first time I have seen Rational Academy in full flight since the departure of Meredith. Almost rock these days. I like the new direction.

No Anchor with two basses will eventually destroy the world.

Rational Academy - Live @ The Step Inn - 27 Nov 2009

No Anchor - Live @ The Step Inn - 27 Nov 2009

Jack Ladder Return

to the Clubhouse.

Cabins - Live @ The Clubhouse - 20 Nov 2009

Jack Ladder - Live @ The Clubhouse - 20 Nov 2009

Shit! Life!

Music in the park. Nice spot. Hope it happens again.

The Swamp Lords - Live @ Shit! Life - 15 Nov 2009

Serious Fun

I actually enjoy Witch Hats now. The Hi Fi show with the Drones was average. Looking forward to seeing them at Meredith this weekend.

Stabs are brilliant.

Loomer - Live @ The Clubhouse - 13 Nov 2009

Witch Hats - Live @ The Clubhouse - 13 Nov 2009

The Stabs - Live @ The Clubhouse - 13 Nov 2009

Happy 25th Hard Ons

May there be many more just like it.

The Dangermen - Live @ The Step Inn - 06 Nov 2009

Spitfire Liar - Live @ The Step Inn - 06 Nov 2009

The Hard-Ons - Live @ The Step Inn - 06 Nov 2009

The Deadnotes release an album

at the Judy.

Deadnote - Live @ The Judy - Set 1 - 05 Nov 2009

Deadnote - Live @ The Judy - Set 2 - 05 Nov 2009

An Uber Experiment

Uber is a dance club in West End. They tried an indie night. Not sure if there have been any others since. I had to leave during Skinny Jeans set but I got these two visitors. I admit that I had heard neither band before hand and I'm a bit concerned I may have the wrong names on the sets. It was that kind of night :) If I have mis labled them please tell me someone.

Parking Lot Experiments - Live @ Uber - 30 Oct 2009

Megastick Fanfare - Live @ Uber - 30 Oct 2009

A Quiet Night At Jamie's Place

Microflora and Hans Riegler [with only two ladies tonight]. A night of quiet beauty.

Microflora - Live @ Jamie's Coffee Shop - 29 Oct 2008

Heinz Riegler - Live @ Jamie's Coffee Shop - 29 Oct 2008

I Heart Went Off On Tour

Started at the Zoo. My mics broke at the start of their set so i recorded on the internal mics. Sounds different but still listenable.

Heinz Riegler set with the three girl backing. He's a silver fox oh yes.

We all want to is Tim Stweart's cutrrent project. A good night. Enjoy

Heinz Riegler - Live @ The Zoo - 16 Oct 2009

We All Want To - Live @ The Zoo - 16 Oct 2009

i heart hiroshima - Live @ The Zoo - 16 Oct 2009

Local Produce @ The Hi-Fi Bar

Won a ticket. Yeah! So I went. Probably would have gone anyway. Gentle Ben for those who don't kbnow is a BCorbett from 6fthick. It's all his lurve songs.

Vegas Kings are beaut. Ben from Kings is one of the best guitarists around for my money. And he writes killer songs. If you haven't heard Texas Tea look round for it and see his sensitive side.

Vegas Kings - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 10 Oct 2009

Slug Guts - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 10 Oct 2009

Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 10 Oct 2009

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here's One I Missed

No Anchor threw a party and The Sips, Undead Apes, and Damon Black came to help them celebrate. Damon started early so he was watched b a crowd of about 5, mostly the next act. I walked in about half way through and enjoyed Damon's solo effort on electronic machinery that did much more than just go bing.

Undead Apes get better each time. A great bunch of songs from some of Brisbane's best pop rock players.

Undead Apes - Live @The Zoo - 15 Oct 2009

The Sips are the same but different enough that you don't know what they will actually sound like each time you see them. By that mean whether they will be merely good or great. Tonight they were Good+.

The Sips - Live @The Zoo - 15 Oct 2009

No Anchor does what it does. A band of two with a single minded determination to wring every last nuance out of the 'simple' bass riffs that boot the songs off. I can't get enough.

No Anchor - Live @The Zoo - 15 Oct 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Valley Fiesta 2009

Great lineup this year. Everyone from quintessential Australian songwriter Kev Carmody to the Japanese Noise Rock of Limited Express [Has Gone]. Personal stories from the heart by Passenger to Soul Review homage of The Horrortones. Read the excellent review by Cam at Before Hollywood who says it better than me.

The come back and listen to

Friday Night

Lion Island - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 23 Oct 2009

Frowning Clouds - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 23 Oct 2009

The Fearless Vampire Killers - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 23 Oct 2009

Alex & The Ramps I was worried about. They come on stage all dressed up and wacky looking. As a rule I hate wacky having lived through my fair share of those bands but after the first few songs they settled down a bit and I quite enjoyed them.
Posted by Picasa

Alex & The Ramps - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 23 Oct 2009

The Shrewms - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 23 Oct 2009

Posted by Picasa

Limted Express [Has Gone] - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 23 Oct 2009

Posted by Picasa

Kev Carmody - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 24 Oct 2009

Posted by Picasa

Passenger - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 24 Oct 2009

Posted by Picasa

DZ - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 24 Oct 2009

Disco Nap - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 24 Oct 2009

Little Scout - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 24 Oct 2009

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Ni-Hao - Live @ Valley Fiesta - 24 Oct 2009

and another picture of a Limited Expresser cause they were kjust so freakin' awesome
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Sunday Night
Jack Ladder - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 25 Oct 2009

The Horrortones - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 25 Oct 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Early Evening At The Troubadour

School nights aren't what they used to be. Or it could be just me. Anyway by the time Mr Beach was due I was gone. Sorry Mr Beach. But I did see The Deadnotes feat The Legend, Blank Realm, and Kitchen's Floor

In fact the main reason I went was to see The Deadnotes. I saw the gig advert and thought gee I would like to see how The Deadnotes go without The Legend but this was not to be. Some other time. Mind you I quite enjoy The Legends work. Especially the last song where I sing along shifting the phrases around to match my experience and reliving parts of it that I probably would rather forget as well as the high spots.

Blank Realm's set without the bass guitar is almost playful compared to some earlier sets I have seen of them.

I have not seen Kitchen's Floor before and was quite impressed.

Deadnote - Live @ The Troubadour - 21 Oct 2009

Blank Realm - Live @ The Troubadour - 21 Oct 2009

Kitchen's Floor - Live @ The Troubadour - 21 Oct 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Stems Farewell Show

The absolute last Stems set till they reform for their 50th anniversary farewell tour.

And they should because they were absolutely great this night. I had a great time. We all did including the Band.

The Stems - Last Show - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 Oct 2009

Vivian Girls etc

So The Vivian Girls hit the Step Inn. A good crowd came and generally enjoyed it. Personally I was overwhelmed by the reverb in the vocals to the extent that it made it difficult to understand some banter.

Supports were local bands Feathers, Nova Scotia, and The Deadnotes feat. The Legend!. I have heard better sets by all of the local bands but an enjoyable night nonetheless.

Feathers - Live @ The Step Inn - 02 Oct 2009

Nova Scotia - Live @ The Step Inn - 02 Oct 2009

Deadnote feat The Legend!- Live @ The Step Inn - 02 Oct 2009

Vivian Girls - Live @ The Step Inn - 02 Oct 2009

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mark Seymour at The Troubadour

The first of an occasional special treat. This recording is not mine but done by user rockola. Rockola does recordings irregularly and he doesn't think his output justifies a blog of his own so I have agreed to post suitable recordings of his from time to time. His first then is a nice recording of Mark Seymour recently at The Troubadour. I look forward to his anticipated Les Claypool set,

In his own words then here's rockola:

Mark Seymour played the Troubadour on 8 Oct 2009, in acoustic duo form,
with Cameron McKenzie on 2nd guitar and backing vocals. The Troubadour
was quite full, which of course doesn't take that much - it must be one
of the tiniest venues in Brisbane. Maybe 100 people in attendance? Also,
I was probably the only one there who didn't know all the words to Holy

As this was my first time out with my new rig, I didn't get a proper
recording of the support act (Asa Broomhall). There's a slight drop in
sound quality during the encore, due to operator error - still learning
how to use the gadget. Throw Your Arms Around Me is incomplete, you can
actually hear me walking out of the venue while they're still playing.

Track listing:

1. Dominion Road
2. The Ghost of Vainglory
3. True Tears of Joy
4. Westgate
5. Walk Through Fire
6. Holy Grail
7. Jerusalem
8. Little Bridges
9. Sirens in a Country Town
10. Do You See What I See
11. Mississauga
12. The Legend of the Snowmen
13. Love is a Heavy Load
14. Say Goodbye
15. Ready To Go
16. When The River Runs Dry
17. Throw Your Arms Around Me

Support the artist, buy the studio albums:
1 The Mutton Birds (NZ band) cover
2 Mark Seymour, "King Without A Clue"
3,6 Hunters & Collectors, "Cut"
4,5,7,11,13 Mark Seymour, "Westgate" (7 is a Steve Earle cover)
8,9,12 unreleased (8 written with Angie Hart)
10 Hunters & Collectors, "What's A Few Men?"
14,17 Hunters & Collectors, "Human Frailty"
15 Mark Seymour, "One Eyed Man"
16 Hunters & Collectors, "Ghost Nation"

Mark Seymour - Live @ The Troubadour - 08 Oct 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Cut and Paste is such a chore, especially from Mediafire to Blogger.

If anyone else has been trying to download the Axxonn X&Y Bar set and wondering why they suddenly have vocals I have fixed the link and now if you click you won't get Spencer P Jones @ The Powerhouse. Sorry bout that.

I also must apologize to Axxonn because I have been wondering why Spencer was so popular suddenly. I mean he is popular for sure but I suspect most of the recent downloads of his Powerhouse set were made by very disappointed Axxonn fans.

Only one person has asked me about it though. So if in doubt here is the link again to

Axxonn - Live @ The X&Y Bar - 03 Sept 2009

and here is the link to

Spencer P Jones - Live @ The Powerhouse - 16 Aug 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tiny Vipers

Tiny Vipers is from Seattle and sings beautiful songs. I swear I did not nod off but gee it went fast.
Tiny Vipers - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 Oct 2009

McKisco is a Brisbane singer who is always worth listening to.
McKisco - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 Oct 2009

Lion Island are a 7 or so piece who sound a little like Beirut until you listen and the difference become clear. Some good stuff if at times a little leaden where it should bounce more.
Lion Island - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 Oct 2009

bigstrongbrute I haven't seen as a six piece. I like it a lot.
bigstrongbrute - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 Oct 2009

By Request

Tiny Vipers - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 Oct 2009 in flac format [225MB]

Sounds Of Spring 2009

Not much t say but it was a great festival. Excellent lineup with only Shonen Knife from outside Australia and NZ [I think]. Well organized good facilities except for crap beer at high prices. They couldn't control the duststorm which rolled in at dusk. So in no particular order I saw:

The very fun Shonen Knife - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

The Hard-Ons - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Root - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Quan - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Ouch My Face - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

My Disco - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

A few tracks from Kill Devil Hills - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

i heart hiroshima - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Giants Of Science - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Ross Hope's [ex Iron On] new band Disco Nap - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Dave McCormack & The Polaroids - Live @ Sounds Of Spring - 26 Sept 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pinky Beecroft & The White Russians

at the Spiegeltent in Queens Park. I really enjoy Pinky's shows. He writes great songs with humour and love. His band is always great for him and the songs. Pardon the bass guitar guy, Ben; he was pissed as a newt at the start of the night but managed to play his parts.

So enjoy . Next up Sounds Of Spring

Pinky Beecroft & The White Russians - Live @ The Speigletent - 30 Sept 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frankly! it's a pop festival

Pop in it's broadest sense. From the pure pop of i heart hiroshima to the electro pop of Qua vs Supermelody or Seja via the sunshine drenched harmonies of The Tenniscoats, the singalong Pancakes, the soul searching of Heinz Riegler to the unique vocal stylings of Jamie Stewart. It all fit. Laurence English is a genius. As is Sarah Neal.

Heinz Riegler - At Frankly! It's A Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

The Pancakes - At Frankly! It's A Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

Seja - At Frankly! It's A Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

Jamie Stewart - At Frankly! It's A Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

The Tenniscoats - At Frankly! It's A Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

i heart hiroshima - At Frankly! it's a Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

Qua vs Supermelody - At Frankly! It's A Pop Festival - 12 Sept 2009

Peaches did a DJ set but I listened from the cafe next door cause I was restoring my strength before the evening concert by Van Dyke Parks. Man is a legend for a very good reason.

Van Dyke Parks - Live @ The Powerhouse - 12 Sept 2009

Chinese Burns at The Step Inn

Another night of garage punk pop ish stuff. Actually one of the better nights recently. Geese are new and consist of 2 Z-Rays and a drummer. Undead Apes, Fancy Boys,and Chinese Burns share members but come from two states. It's complicated but it seems to work.

The PA upstairs at the Step Inn sounded good for a change. I credit Xavier from fancy boys/chinese burns [from melbourne] for this.

Geese - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Sept 2009

The Fancy Boys - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Sept 2009

Undead Apes - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Sept 2009

Chinese Burns - Live @ The Step Inn - 19 Sept 2009

Up Late At The Met

Another Up Late series this time at the Queensland Art Gallery for the Met's traveling show of American Expressionism. Superb art. Absolutely.

The musical evenings featured mainly solo artists because the stage area was quite small.

The other reason was probably because the concert area was a huge room about 5 times as wide as it was deep, with the stage set in a pool of water covering most of the floor, and with walls of marble. The acoustic equivalent of... i dunno, a big perfectly reflective box.

Kin Salmon with an amplified electric guitar was almost unlistenable. I missed the first half of Dave Graney's set but as he had only a miced acoustic it was OK but still harsh as hell. The comments on Robert Fosters final night show are all along these lines so it isn't just me.

The three acts I did get well are below. Still very echoey but nice enough. The comment between songs in Kate's set is Ben Salter.

GOMA sounds much nicer.

Holly Throsby - Live Up Late @ The Met - 07 August 2009

Kate Jacobson - Live @ The Met Up Late - 11 Sept 2009

Ben Salter - Live @ The Met Up Late - 11 Sept 2009

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Violent Soho with Talons, Sips and Hy-Test

Brilliant stuff. From Hy-Test who are just so tight and so good, a great Sips set, Talons, and Violent Soho at home among the Mansfield set.

Long and Loud.

Hy-Test - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Sept 2009

The Sips - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Sept 2009

Talons - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Sept 2009

Violent Soho - Live @ The Step Inn - 05 Sept 2009

Little Lovers & Extra Foxx

Nice to see Little Lovers again touring from Sydney. And I had not seen Extra Foxx before. I love them.

Little Lovers - Live @ Ric's - 29 Aug 2009

Extra Foxx - Live @ Ric's - 29 Aug 2009

Sugar Army & Others

I was all excited about this. The press had them as the next big thing of Australian music. They were good. Very good in fact. But not that good.

Sugar Army - Live @ The Troubadour - 04 Sept 2009

Comic Sans, local support were interesting and worth watching to see how they develop.
Comic Sans - Live @ The Troubadour - 04 Sept 2009

Here's some other recent stuff.

DZ - Live in Brisbane - August 2009

i heart hiroshima - Live in Brisbane - August 2009

Stemford Hiss - Live in Brisbane - August 2009

and a few songs from Ironside

Ironside - Live @ The Step Inn - 04 Sept 2009

Monday, September 7, 2009

Live @ X&Y Bar

A new venue. Looks like it could be too upmarket in the long run for the likes of me and the bands I see most often. But a regular Thursday night show by appropriate bands would work I think. I enjoyed it. Particularly enjoyed watching the passersby peering in through the large window opening on to Ann St behind the band. Plus the sound is quite clean and well balanced and they have Asahi on tap.

This Secret Birds incarnation includes a few John Steele Singers. Damon's amp was playing up and it is hard to hear him sometimes but other than that a good set.
Secret Birds - Live @ X&Y Bar - 27 Aug 2009

The Axxonn set is a great recording of a duo who just spent a month or so playing around Europe and got way better at it while away. Sometimes it takes me a while to 'get' this style of music. I get Axxonn now.
Axxonn - Live @ X&Y Bar - 03 Sept 2009

Spencer P Jones

Spencer does a short but satisfying set at the Powerhouse on Sunday arvo.

Spencer P Jones - Live @ The Powerhouse - 16 Aug 2009

New Christs

First up is actually the supports sets by The Dangermen and Killerbirds before the Cosmic Psychos on the 11th. Unfortunately I was not feeling well and didn't hang round for the Psychos. Good sets however by both bands. Killerbirds hail from Victoria and I do believe one of the the guitarists is a cosmic psycho daughter.

Killerbirds - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 Aug 2009

The Dangermen - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 Aug 2009

Later that week, The Hits supporting New Christs

The Hits - Live @ The Step Inn - 14 Aug 2009

The New Christs - Live @ The Step Inn - 14 Aug 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Splendour 2009

The Great Northern Pre Splendour Party
Dananananackroyd - 3 Songs Live @ The Great Northern - 24 July 2009

Yves Klein Blue - Live @ The Great Northern - 24 July 2009

Bloc Party - Live @ The Great Northern - 24 July 2009


Every year now i say I won't go but I go and find enough for it to be worth my while. I think the problem the Festival has for the last couple of years is that it has a reasonable set of headliners but not much good second division overseas stuff. Lots of good local bands and Local is OK but most of them I have seen over the last year or so anyway. This wqas the first festival for a long time where i wandered between tents without watching a full set. Maybe it needs to get bigger to afford that kind of bulk. But that won't happen at the current site.

So without further ado here is what I saw.

Polaroid Fame - Live @ Splendour - 25 July 2009

Deer Republic - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Jack Ladder - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Dappled Cities - Live @ Splendour - 25 July 2009

Kram - 3 Songs Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

The Beautiful Girls - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

White Lies - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

The Middle East - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Children Collide - Live @ Splendour - 27 July 2009

The Gutter Twins - 4 Songs Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Doves - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Happy Mondays - Live @ Splendour - 25 July 2009

The Specials - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Flaming Lips - Live @ Splendour - 26 July 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Step Inn in July

Ric's is free but the Step Inn is cheap and the beer is cheaper. So two weeks in July upstairs at the Step Inn local garage pop punk stuff is on display with first a set by Sweet Dreams which is advertised as a combination of various other bands but which looks suspiciously like eat laser scumbag with a different drummer. This is quite a good thing.

Sweet Dreams - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 July 2009

The next week it's a big night. The Sips release the 7'' that's been cluttering up the underbed space for nigh on a year now. To support them they have gathered the cream of local bands including the newly formed Undead Apes which really does have members of various other bands Sekiden, Eat Laser Scumbag, Dick Nasty, Gazoonga Attack, and Fancy Boys [one from each], Blank Realm, and The Heels.

It was great. Though the sound upstairs at the Step Inn is iffy.

The Heels - Live @ The Step Inn - 18 July 2009

The Undead Apes - Live @ The Step Inn - 18 July 2009

Blank Realm - Live @ The Step Inn - 18 July 2009

The Sips - Live @ The Step Inn - 18 July 2009

As a bonus I will throw this one in. Early in the year Eddy Current Suppression Ring did a show at the Step Inn downstairs and it was excellent. My recording gear decided to only record one channel properly and I filed it away. I have now produced a mono file. It's actually quite listenable.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Live @ The Step Inn - Feb 2009 - MONO

Primavera 2009

I had a great time. The quality of the acts was superb and they all played great sets. The venue is one of the best I have seen. Maybe a liitle too much concrete but its better than the Gold Coast Parklands dustbowl. The Spanish smoke more than I could have imagined possible and on Friday night it actually made Debbie and I ill enough to leave early.

My only real complaint was the sound, mainly at the ATP stage but also Vice. The bass sound was overwhelming sometimes. It made Jesu almost unlistenable. I could see a guy playing guitar but could barely hear him. I could however feel the bass and the backing track in my chest. The mix for the Drones meant you could barely hear Gareth's guitar [when it worked] and you could hear every note the bass played. Same with Jay Reatard at Vice and to a lesser extent Oneida. The Rockdelux and Pitchfork stages were OK. Didn't see enough on the Main Stage to make much comment but it seemed alright.

On the Primavera Forums when I mentioned it few had similar comments. Some mentioned sweet spots but really you should be able to get listenable sound anywhere except close to the speakers and maybe right down the front depending on what is coming off the stage. We have sound guys in Australia who think their mission in life is to let everyone hear the drums, I mean really hear the drums, but this was ridiculous.

Anyway I saw

The Vaselines
Jesus Lizard
The Bats
Jay Reatard
Sleepy Sun
Carsick Cars
The Drones

and at the Joan Miro Park on Saturday
Sleepy Sun again

The park show was magic. 150 people maybe under the palm trees in the early afternoon with a couple of beers.

All of those I recorded except SunnO))) for battery reasons and The Bats where I don't know what happened really, the first 4 minutes are fine then it just disappears. Pity, cause they wee excellent.

Debbie [my wife] saw Shearwater, and Daisy Kitty & Lewis and thought they were great.
I saw most of Lions Constellation from a ticket line so i didn't record them but they were pretty good.

We went to see Bat For Lashes but just didn't find it interesting enough to stay. Magnolia Electric Company was the same. The set started off quite slow and did not grab me at all and in any case I have a set from Splendour a couple of years ago which is quite good.

Tried to see Neil Young and MBV and Sonic Youth but the crowds were terrible. As in large. Young and Sonic Youth I have seen before but MBV would have been good.

I am beginning to think I would be no good at the larger festivals like Roskilde or Rock Wetcher. Or the US shows like Coachella.

I will return for Primavera as soon as I figure which rich aunt is least likely to be missed.

Life After Spain

How to get back into the swing of things in Australia after spending all my monies in Europe. Why, go to Ric's of course, it's free. Drink Coopers Green and see great bands like Mum Smokes up from Melbourne where the other good bands come from. Crewed by The Ancients’ Jonathan Michell, Karl Scullin of KES Band fame, Julian Patterson from Minimum Chips and Zond’s Justin Fuller the band play a wide range of styles but all of it engaging.

Mum Smokes - Live @ Ric's - 10 July 2009

Couple of weeks later back to Ric's for local band Teeming With Wildlife who now sport a vocalist and keyboard and who are all the better for it. Not that they were bad before. Far from it.

Teeming With Wildlife - Live @ Ric's - 01 Aug 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Trip To Spain Part 2 - Almost Primavera

As well as the festival itself Primavera has a number of record label showcase gigs running during the week before. I went to two of these; The Holy Cobra Society Showcase at the Sidecar, and the Heart Of Gold show at The Apolo.

Holy Cobra Society

Uber who were due to play pulled out so it was a late start at this intimate cellar venue to see Muletrain and The Intelligence. I spent the frst half of Muletrains set searching for a shop in as Ramblas which sold batteries. It was the night of the Champions League final and everyone was shut. Finally scored in an Internet Cafe somewhere. So I only got the last 15 minutes. Crashbeat they call it. Punk Hardcore Pop.

Muletrain - Live @ The Sidecar - 27 May 2009

The Intelligence are US indie pop and very good at it too.

The Intelligence - Live @ The Sidecar - 27 May 2009

On the way home I moved through the crowd in Place Catalunya celebrating the Barcalona win. Many of them were still there two days later.

Heart Of Gold

Got lost on the subway so I missed the first set by The Disciplines. Reigning Sound features Greg Cartwright of The Oblivians doing more straight forward material. At the time I was very ho hum with this set but it has grown on me.

Reigning Sound - Live @ The Apolo Barcalona- 26 May 2009

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Trip To Spain Part Two - Primavera Sound 2009

Shifted up the page.

My Trip To Spain Part One - Not Primavera Sound 2009

It is finished and I have had my lungs cleaned out and my feet replaced so I can think straight now. Sorry it has taken so long but after Primavera we pretty much went straight to Galcia and did the last 120km of the Camino Francis to Santiago and then moved round Spain till arriving back home last Wednesday. In all our travels I could not find access to computers to do anything except transfer the recordings to thumb drives at a Internet Cafe for safety [and for my troubles I picked up a virus at some cafe while doing that]

I am still going through the recordings in Barcalona as I have some issues with the sound on a couple. A few more days for those. In the meantime if you haven't already seen them, there are streaming set on the website of WFMU FM of many bands. and a few available for download at the Free Music Archive.

But you didn't think I would go to spain for 6 weeks and get just one festival, did you? No.

After we left Barcelona we walked the Camino and ended up in Santiage De Compostella as you do. There we saw a The Kapsberger Ensemble, a mainly Scandinavian Modern Baroque Ensemble who were magnificent. The leader pretty much shredded the Baroque Guitar and the upright bass [is that very baroque?] was cool as fuck. Unfortunately my rig was in the post from Barcalona. If you get a chance to see them take it.

Got to San Sebastian and as we wandered I saw this poster and thought well when am i going to get the chance hey?

till I saw this one and realized it was closer and free.

Los Creyentes

are a Spanish rockabilly band, the whole quiff, white uniform and black braces, call and response by the crowd trying to pronounce english words they have never heard before thing. great fun.

Phantom Surfers

were way cool.

Ivan Julian

played Blank Generation and Love Comes In Spurts as well as his own recent material and it was not too bad.

Roy Loney

is crazy and put on a great show. Sang Teenage Head [still in my top 5 ever songs] and he must play a lot in Spain cause the crowd knew a lot of his material. It was great.

Chesterfield Kings

were disappointing. The band were OK but the lead singer looks like John Cooper Clarke acting like Steve Tyler trying to mimic Mike Jagger in an Arkansas accent trying out for the New York Dolls. Funny as fuck for all the wrong reasons.

In Seville got a Flamenco Club set and a recital in a local church by the Peterhouse Chapel Choir from Cambridge UK. Great stuff. My dad will love it. He sings Bass in the Mackay Choir.

So to Lisbon and lo and behold I see ads for Delta Tejo festival which is pretty much all latin music except for

Buju Banton.

Not gunna miss him so 1 Day ticket in hand along we went. He was great. Started with some dancehall then a long set of his conscious stuff.

But to top it off last saturday night we along with 6500 of our closest Portuguese friends [i hadn't realized before how many of them were gay] went to the Atlantic Amphitheater and saw

Kylie Minogue.

Brilliant Stuff.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Primavera 09

is almost upon us. I will be there. In fact I'm leaving tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fast And Loud Again

The Quickening, a Brisband institution of 12 years and of course I have never seen them or heard any of their material so I'm fresh to it and it was pretty good really. There's more words in here somewhere but i seem to have misplaced them.

Dick Nasty are just how I like my fast & loud.

Dick Nasty - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 May 2009

TheQuickening - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 May 2009

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kitten Licks at The Troubadour

Screamfeeder relaunch their LP, Kitten Licks in the first of a few dates around Australia and the first time the band have performed together for a while now. They sound like they never stopped. Support was Midget, Brisbane expats from Sydney [and 1998] and the local Butcher Birds.

Kitten Licks is a great album. Screamfeeder are a great band. And so everyone had a real good time.

Butcher Birds - Live @ The Troubadour - 09 May 2009

Midget - Live @ The Troubadour - 09 May 2009

Screamfeeder - Kitten Licks - Live @ The Troubadour - 09 May 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hits Open The Hi-Fi Bar with The Drones later that night

It wasn't ready but they opened anyway. It's big, cool, multi-leveled, loud, expensive, not sure how to do stuff like serve drinks, did I say big? I love it already. Parking will be a pain but I don't drink much so I drive whereas most of the intended clientele drink like elephants facing a drought [and dance like them too] so it may not be a problem.

The bitches I have heard so far range from lousy sound to too expensive to drink which for a place you go to drink and listen to music would seem like deal killers. I didn't find the sound that bad. The Drones were loud but clear enough. The support bands sounded like all support bands do. The sound guy pushes the 'support band' button as they start and it get muddy. Every venue has that button. I also think that as more get played they will tune it up for the room. So I am very optimistic.

Like I said, I don't drink much [I'm waiting for you all to catch up] so people paying over $10 for a mixed can is very meh to me. Right next door is a public bar which I am sure will get hit hard before, during, and after future shows.

Overall I think that it will prove a boon for West End and I look forward to seeing how it fits in.

So here they are.

The Hits played a great set. Like I said, the sound was poor so this may not be the best intro to the band.

The Hits - Live @ The Hi-Fi Bar - 29 Apr 2009

Witch Hat grew on me after the first couple of songs and I admit to not taking as much notice of them as I should. I took the opportunity to study the crowd which the layout allows much more than other venues in Brisbane where you tend to only see the backof the people in front of you. Also I was standing to the right of the stage for this set and the bass is very prominent in the mix.

Witch Hat - Live @ The Hi-Fi Bar - 29 Apr 2009

The Drones are my favourite band right now. And this is a good set. A little bass boomy but otherwise fine.

EDIT: I have now heard the official release of this set and seriously you should get hold of that. It sounds way better than this one. If you really want a Havilah laden set try the Zoo recording from last year. The sound is much better.

The Drones - Live @ A New Bar In Brisbane - Apr 2009

Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Return of the Giants Of Science

was great. I didn't know you could fit that many riffs in one room. Supported by No Anchor and The Hits, massive riff machines in their own rights, I crowd loved it.

No Anchor - Live @ The Troubadour - 17 April 2009

The Hits - Live @ The Troubadour - 17 April 2009

Giants Of Science - Live @ The Troubadour - 17 April 2009

Good Friday

i heart hiroshima allowed back to Ric's and pack the place out for the first of three friday night shows in preparation for their assault on Europe. Show starts at midnight and the line was well formed by then. Not the best recording of them I have but try it anyway. Missed the second show last night but I'll be there next week for the last with Dick nasty oh yes I will.

i heart hiroshima - Live @ Ric's - 11 Apr 2009

I don't give links usually but if any europeans are reading here's their website. check the dates. you will have a good time believe me.

i heart hiroshima

in case anyone is upset by the name it is a [affectionate?] pisstake on Hiroshima Mon Amour the very great French fillum by Alain Resnais. Australian humour.

A Friend Of Mine and Death Mattel at The Step Inn

From the South and top a less than packed audience unfortunately were the fine bands Death Mattel and A Friend Of Mine.

Death Mattel - Live @ The Step Inn - 09 Apr 2009

A Friend Of Mine - Live @ The Step Inn - 09 Apr 2009

Support was Del Toro who suffered a flat battery sorry guys and No Anchor.

No Anchor - Live @ The Step Inn - 09 Apr 2009

Lofly Hanger

Only one set from the hanger. I arrived late and as an old man am subject to all the ailments of age especially tiredness after a working day. Sorry. But MoonJog were quite fine.

MoonJog - Live @ The Hanger - 04 Apr 2009

As a consolation prize here's Aaxxonn or something with double letters like that at Ric's that I appear to have forgotten about. Axxonn is Ian from No Anchor and Tom from Secret Birds

Axxonn - Live @ Ric's - 25 Mar 2009

French Sounds At The Step Inn

Nikko - Live @ The Step Inn - 02 Apr 2009

Svensson - Live @ The Step Inn - 02 April 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big Night Out

First to the Judy for No Anchor CD Launch. Heinz Riegler opened and his new material is beautiful. Very beautiful imagery and simple playing to showcase it. Still developing so maybe later there can be before and after comparisons but until then ou just have to take the word of anyone who has seen him recently; It will be worth the wait. So looking forward to seeing it hit daylight.

Closely followed by Laurence English on hand pumped harmonium or similar and electronic drone effects.

No Anchor did well in a room that is effectively a concrete box. Brutal.

No Anchor - Live @ The Judy - 21 Mar 2009.mp3

And so to The Step Inn for Miss Jess's Birthday bash though the bands did not know before hand that is what it was. She got to see her three favourite bands. Mine too.

I missed Nova Scotia but saw Sekiden.

Sekiden - Live @ The Step Inn - 21 Mar 2009.mp3

Also Seaplane. Again looking forward to the new CD which will be even better than the first.

All in all a great night. 5 and a half worls class acts for $25 plus beer. Where else but Brizvegas.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Golden Plains 2009


till Primavera.


Took me 15 min to work out these guys weren't taking the piss.

Brant Bjork - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 [61.75 MB]

The Black Seeds - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 52.93 MB

Black Mountain redeemed stoner rock somewhat.

Black Mountain - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 [59.14 MB]

Mogwai - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 76.91 MB


Luluc - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 29.81 MB

Pivot - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 59.36 MB

My Disco - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 65.73 MB

Tony Allen - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 68.09 MB

Nowhere near my best recording but a wonderful set from The Drones
The Drones - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 70.13 MB

New equipment is now fully operational. I learned a lot at this festival, specifically during Deafwish, Dan Kelly, Jim White & John Doe [jeez they are funny guys] and Gary Numan. Still playing with the Church set and if I can do it justice I'll post it later.


Walking past the Globe having missed a ticket to The Fumes I chanced upon this celebration of all things rock, hard rock. Headline with a band named Ceremony and you know there is going to be a Cult influence. Haven't had a night of music like this since i was a young boy.

1989 - Live @ The Globe - 27 Feb 2009 [48.33 MB]

Chamberland - Live @ The Globe - 27 Feb 2009 [51.56 MB]

Ceremony - Live @ The Globe - 27 Feb 2009 [41.84 MB]

Catchup Day

Some older stuff I missed first time around for various reasons including i r disorganized.

From the Meridith trip, the Beaches performances at Northcote supporting Ten East and on their own at the festival.

Beaches - Live @ The Northcote Social Club - 11 Dec 2008 [48.26 MB]

Beaches - Live @ Merideth Music Festival - 12 Dec 2008 [55.85 MB]

A lovely quiet set from McKisco at the Hanger

McKisco - Live @ The Hanger - 21 Feb 2009 [43.71 MB]

The ever popular Nova Scotia at Ric's

Nova Scotia - Live @ Ric's - 05 Mar 2009 [57 MB]

Saturday, February 21, 2009


About all I got from ATP was the Harmonia and Dead Meadow sets posted earlier and I have managed to clean up this one. I am happy too. Afririmpo was more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

Afririmpo - Live @ The Powerhouse - 16 Jan 2009 [51MB]

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Laneway 2009 Brisbane Alternate Version

Went pretty well actually. The new site was laid out very well and all three stages were next to each other but no noise bleeding between them. Cheap draught beer and, early in the day at least, real mixed drinks. No lineups for food, toilets etc. Sound was OK on the covered stage and in the dance stage inside but the street stage was not real loud unless you were right up near the front.

Lineup was promising. Most delivered. The three that didn't for me were No Age, The Hold Steady, and Girl Talk.

No Age may be great and under the right circumstances could be fun. On the day the sound was dreadful. The guitar was a wash of noise. Underneath you could hear something interesting trying to get out but overall they were disappointing.

The Hold Steady are terribly over rated I think. Pretty standard stuff. The bass guitar amp broke down halfway through the set and we waited for what seemed like forever while the band noodled around and the roadies tried to fix it. Seemed excessive to me. Why the singer didn't just give him his guitar and let him improvise, it's not like he was using it. They are supposed to be professionals. I took the opportunity to visit the first aid tent for headache pills.

Headache under control I went round to the other stage to see Girl Talk to finish the night off. And it did too. One guy on stage with a Mac and maybe a couple of other buttons on a big desk that seemed to be more for him to stand on than work at. I generally don't record guys who play recordings, no matter how inventive they make it sound. Dunno why, I just can't bring myself to do it. The only way he could think to make it interesting was to get 30 people on stage to dance around. You could play "Spot The Muso" cause most were from bands that had played earlier but the sound was terrible at the back so I went home.

Before all that though I saw Still Flying, Pivot, The Drones, Spiral Stairs, and Jay Reatard who all played great sets. The Drones had gear problems as well but that which does not kill them makes them stronger. Spiral Stairs was much more entertaining with a full band [who are Gersey but I still know the guitarist from somewhere else]. Still Flying were fun and for serious stuff Pivot impressed me no end. The Pivot drummer is so good.

Jay Reatard played a long set and I loved it. The sound was average on the street stage but it I'll go again. Except I now hear he will not be appearing at Primavera in May. Damn.

So anyway, because one [or more I suppose, it isn't specific] of the acts has complained I can't give you the recordings.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Spiral Stairs

Spiral Stairs for those who don't know is Scott Kannberg one time member of Pavement. Heavy shit to carry round or what. Last night he and Darryl, a guitarist from Melbourne [who i swear I have seen in some other band] did a show here supported by Nova Scotia. He will appear tomorrow with his band at Laneway Festival.

I liked his music and look forward to seeing him tomorrow.
Spiral Stairs - Live @ The Troubadour - 29 Jan 2009.mp3 (84.98 MB)

Nova Scotia supported and the crowd was quiet. They work better to a more lively audience I think but I haven't seen a bad show from them.
Nova Scotia - Live @ The Troubadour - 29 Jan 2009.mp3 (54.72 MB)

These are soundboard recordings. Soundboard recordings can be brutal.

Monday, January 26, 2009

All Tomorrows Parties

in Brisbane was great. Having three separate indoors concerts and one outdoors day long worked well except for the cost. I missed Michael Gira but saw the rest. For me the revelation was Afririmpo. Big fun.

Recording was screwed by gear failures so I can only post the bits without too many glitches. The main problem is occasional drops in volume in the right channel. I have 'fixed' the recordings where I could and the problem is drops in volume not spikes so you shouldn't hurt your ears.

I'm still working on some so I'll add as they become available. Here's the first batch.

Harmonia - Live @ The Powerhouse - 13 Jan 2009 [106.91MB]

Dead Meadow - Live @ The Powerhouse - 16 Jan 2009 [69.17MB]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Neil Young and My Morning Jacket at the BEC

First saw MMJ at Big Day Out. I went to see the first three songs then off to the Drones. Here are the three tracks.

Three songs by My Morning Jacket at 2009 Big Day Out Gold Coast

Then to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre [BEC] on Wed night. It's a barn. The sound was full of mud. The MMJ set actually sounds better on tape than in real life because of the in-ear mics I think. On the night I could not understand a word being sung. Neil Young started out the same but they eventually got it right.

Both acts were great. Personally what I saw of the MMJ BDO set was more fun as I suppose befits a festival set but I'd be more than happy to see them again in concert.

My Morning Jacket - Live @ The BEC - 21 Jan 2009

Neil Young is ... um ... Neil Young. Is he too old for this sort of thing? I don't think he grew old, I think he grew up. I look forward to hearing the Prodigy's "Greendale" in 20 years time. Actually , no I don't.

Neil Young - Live @ The BEC - 21 Jan 2009

And below, a new feature, previews of songs from sets. Lets see how it works. If you like the idea let me know.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Have Been A Naughty Boy.

Nothing posted since 29 Nov 2008. Haven't I seen anything since then??? Well, not really. Lord knows I tried. One day the truth about Meredith 2008 may come out but lets just say I'll never buy a cheap tent again, and showerproof =/= waterproof. I do have tickets for Golden Plains though [please don't tell me it rains there in March OK?]

I also totally forgot to put up The Lucksmiths CD Launch show at The Troubadour in early November so here it is.

The Lucksmiths - Live @ The Troubadour - 08 Nov 2008 [112.09MB]

From the Meredith trip I have Ten East at Northcote.

Ten East - Live @ Northcote Social Club - 11 Dec 2008 [84.28MB]

From the Valve Christmas Party here are

Del Toro - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [38.96MB]

Sekiden - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [61.3MB]

An Horse - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [54.88MB]

i heart hiroshima - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [71.16MB]

and a special treat, The Horrortones at the MereNoise Xmas Party.

The Horrortones - Live @ The Troubadour - 19 Dec 2008 [67.72MB]

There were a few other bits and pieces of support bands and a couple of sets I need to do stuff with first so keep an eye out.

I didn't go to Sunset Sounds mainly because after buying tickets to BDO, Neil Young, Laneway, Golden Plains, ATP Brisbane Riverstage [plus Harmonia, Fuck Buttons, Dead Meadow, and Afririmpo side shows], Laughing Clowns, Europe [the place], Primavera 09, and probably Roskilde 09 if someone buys the cat, I just couldn't afford it. I am looking for cheap places to sleep in Spain in June if anyone can help :)

So I have been busy I suppose. Come back next week.