Saturday, November 7, 2009

Here's One I Missed

No Anchor threw a party and The Sips, Undead Apes, and Damon Black came to help them celebrate. Damon started early so he was watched b a crowd of about 5, mostly the next act. I walked in about half way through and enjoyed Damon's solo effort on electronic machinery that did much more than just go bing.

Undead Apes get better each time. A great bunch of songs from some of Brisbane's best pop rock players.

Undead Apes - Live @The Zoo - 15 Oct 2009

The Sips are the same but different enough that you don't know what they will actually sound like each time you see them. By that mean whether they will be merely good or great. Tonight they were Good+.

The Sips - Live @The Zoo - 15 Oct 2009

No Anchor does what it does. A band of two with a single minded determination to wring every last nuance out of the 'simple' bass riffs that boot the songs off. I can't get enough.

No Anchor - Live @The Zoo - 15 Oct 2009

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Joel said...

hey, i was going to download a No Anchor set, which do you think is best?

also i was going to download a Mt Augustus set to learn/steal some of Cam's songs. why no Mt Augustus?