Sunday, February 1, 2015

Laneway 2015 Three of The Best

Well I would say that wouldn't I.

I saw these three acts on the outdoor stage and fortunately by the time they appeared most sound problems had been worked out. I'm assuming they were problems but who knows. The sound treatment of early acts is notoriously bad.

Perfect Pussy who I saw first was unlistenable. The singer was really getting into it but I didn't hear a word of her performance and the guitar sound was buried in the wash produced by the electronics guy. I'd like to see them in a better setting.

The Connan Mockasin set has had the really loud bass quietened down. It annoyed people around me in the crowd so it wasn't just me.

Meanwhile over on the main covered stages the metal roof made everything pretty harsh. Down the front it may have been better but halfway back it was annoying.

So back to the outdoor stage for Pond and St Vincent. I sat out the back drinking beer during Future Islands but what I heard didn't thrill me too much.

Connan Mockasin - Live @ Laneway 2015 Brisbane - 31 Jan 2015

Pond - Live @ Laneway 2015 Brisbane - 31 Jan 2015

St Vincent - Live @ Laneway 2015 Brisbane - 31 Jan 2015

Almost forgot. I missed the last 5 min or so of St Vincent so I didn't get the last song [unless she went longer] Also I do recommend you listen to all of these sets with headphones or buds at least. Noise canceling cans are best but whatever you have will sound better than speakers. And St Vincent deserves that.