Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hits. All Hits. Nothin but Hits.

Supporting The Scientists at the Hi-Fi Bar. Truly wonderful stuff. The Scientists stood side stage for much of the set and seemed to enjoy it too. Really looking forward to the LP Launch in a few weeks.

Hits - Live @ The HiFi Bar - 27 Mar 2014

Batteries died as The Scientists hit the stage. Late. And they played till after midnight. But do we care it was a school night. No cause we are hardened rock beasts. Or in the case of the front row, retired.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Girls Germs and The Flangipanies

One off reunion show before one germ departs for the USA. Supported by The Flangipanis and Loud Goes Bang who I didn't record as I got there a little late.

Half the Flangipanies set is Blister covers before they kick off their own stuff with 'My boyfriend likes ebay more than he likes me'. Good fun band.

Girls Germs were local heroes in the 90s. I missed them first time round which is a pity. Brisbane had some world class pop punk power pop whatever bands and these guys are among the best.

Flangipanis Live @ The Crow Bar 8 Feb 2014

Girls Germs Live @ The Crow Bar 8 Feb 2014