Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Undead Apes Vinyl Launch

The Troubadour should have closed that night. I can't imagine the final night would have been half as good as this one; drunker and longer maybe but if I want to cry in my beer over music I'll watch the X-Factor final again.

OK you're right, I won't ever do that again. And actually I'm just pissed off I wasn't fast enough to get a ticket to the Final Night. But I did see the Final Night of X-Factor and I did cry in my beer. Dear god, the inhumanity.

But on Saturday night a seriously smashing time was had by all. Not as emotional as last weeks Vegas Kings send off which was sad but in a good way. You can't be sad watching Undead Apes. Undead Apes are what happened when a a couple of punks took power-pop out into the carpark and convinced it to harden the fuck up. How could the love child of Sekiden, Dick Nasty, Gazoonga Attack, and every band Adam Scott has ever been in be anything but great.

I bought the T-shirt and the Vinyl. You should too. And they are doing dates in Sydney and Melbourne to support the release so keep an eye out. I videoed Taxes on my new Nokia N8 and it looks good and now it is HD as well.

Also I'm looking forward to the Nova Scotia album in the new year.

Pastel Blaze - Live @ The Troubadour - 20 Nov 2010

Nova Scotia - Live @ The Troubadour - 20 Nov 2010

The Sips - Live @ The Troubadour - 20 Nov 2010

Undead Apes - Live @ The Troubadour - 20 Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Vegas Kings Have Left The Building

Hell, pretty soon the building will have left the building. And what better way to start the death watch on The Troubadour than the Final Vegas Kings show of all time.

Words cannot describe, photos cannot show, and recordings cannot let you hear the passion the Kings unleashed on the room last Saturday night. The Vegas Kings are masters of their art. Angus is so solid behind the drums but inventive and light on his ... feet? Pete is the soul of the band and gives so much that by the end of most shows I've seen he is drained and mumbling outside trying to light a cigarette through the sweat. Ben is straight up one of the best guitarists I've ever seen and writes and sings the best murder ballads and bar songs in Australia. And "Flying Jesus Judo Kicks" is one of the Top 5 songs to come out of Brisbane ever.

No, really.

It was also the final show for Geese as their drummer moves to Melbourne. The other members all play in other bands around town so life goes on. Geese had an interesting take on garage/surf/stuff.
Geese - Live @ The Troubadour - 13 Nov 2010

Negative Creep is a Nirvana covers band from Mansfield if you know what I mean.
Negative Creep - Live @ The Troubadour - 13 Nov 2010

Narwhals is a thinking persons surf music. Personally I think they are better than the Phantom Surfers if not as entertaining a stage show.
The Narwhals - Live @ The Troubadour - 13 Nov 2010

And then there was the Kings. Everything you ever loved in a Vegas Kings show plus an occasional bass line. How did he do that? Gets very messy at the end when Pete invites the audience up on stage for Flying Jesus Judo Kicks then realizes his mistake.
Vegas Kings - Final Show - Live @ The Troubadour - 13 Nov 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bitch Prefect at Woodland and Deadshits Motel.

First time at Woodland and it is impressive. Lots of space good layout. Stage up off the ground. Lights. Air con. Bar. Everything you need really. With the Troubadour and Globe closing we need new venues so the timing couldn't be better.

Having been away from live music for about two weeks I realized about 30 sec into Teen Ax just how much I missed really loud distorted guitars. I thought it was great.

Teen Ax - Live @ Woodland - 05 Nov 2010

One of the best sets I've heard from The Deadnotes and The Legend. All very new songs that will undoubtedly be developed further.

The Deadnotes w The Legend - Live @ Woodland - 05 Nov 2010

Young Romantix didn't do much for me but they were entertaining enough.

Young Romantix - Live @ Woodland - 05 Nov 2010

Bitch Prefect from Adelaide were great. About the only thing I'd heard of theirs was 'Bad Decisions' and when it finally came along in the set it felt like filler. I love this.

Bitch Prefect - Live @ Woodland - 05 Nov 2010

And the next day at a BBQ they played again. Meat Thump came along and struggled with tiny amps and bad leads but there is one absolute stunner in there.

Meat Thump - Live @ Deadshits Motel - 06 Nov 2010

Bitch Prefect were even better than the night before.

Bitch Prefect - Live @ Deadshits Motel - 06 Nov 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon with The Brews Brothers

Brew Brothers is a local micro brewery that for a small fee lets you use the equipment to brew 50lt lots of your own brew. It is cheap and good, two very important qualities in beer.

Plus they have a room upstairs that they hire out and occasionally bands play there. Like this Sunday afternoon.

The Shrewms - Live @ The Brews Brothers - 24 Oct 2010

Main Street Brats - Live @ The Brews Brothers - 24 Oct 2010

Meat Thump - Live @ The Brews Brothers - 24 Oct 2010

Ironside also played but I had to leave early. I did however see them later that night in the semi final of the band comp at Ric's. They won the semi but missed winning the final by some three points.

Ironside - Live @ Rics - 24 Oct 2010

Most Sundays aren't this much fun.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mirah at The Hanger

I sweared I wouldn't wait so long between posts. I was giving you all the chance to click on this link

Pay for Brendan's Concert Ticket in 2011 So I Can Hear Them Too

Go ahead. I'll wait.


Epithets tonight were mainly Nick Smethurst and were a great way to open the evening.

Smallgoods led in and I didn't realize how much I liked male harmonies.

Mirah was not as exciting as I thought she might be. Very good quirky pop from an engaging performer in a great atmosphere but didn't get to the next level for me.

A very relaxed and friendly night at the Hanger. Gonna miss it so bad.

Smallgoods - Live @ The Hanger - 22 Oct 2010

Epithets - Live @ The Hanger - 22 Oct 2010

Mirah - Live @ The Hanger - 22 Oct 2010