Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mirah at The Hanger

I sweared I wouldn't wait so long between posts. I was giving you all the chance to click on this link

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Go ahead. I'll wait.


Epithets tonight were mainly Nick Smethurst and were a great way to open the evening.

Smallgoods led in and I didn't realize how much I liked male harmonies.

Mirah was not as exciting as I thought she might be. Very good quirky pop from an engaging performer in a great atmosphere but didn't get to the next level for me.

A very relaxed and friendly night at the Hanger. Gonna miss it so bad.

Smallgoods - Live @ The Hanger - 22 Oct 2010

Epithets - Live @ The Hanger - 22 Oct 2010

Mirah - Live @ The Hanger - 22 Oct 2010

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Anonymous said...

well u didnt tell me i could vote without selling my soul to facebook fukers! ok ive clicked and voted like 5 times now.. its piss easy. now on with with the tunes!!