Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon with The Brews Brothers

Brew Brothers is a local micro brewery that for a small fee lets you use the equipment to brew 50lt lots of your own brew. It is cheap and good, two very important qualities in beer.

Plus they have a room upstairs that they hire out and occasionally bands play there. Like this Sunday afternoon.

The Shrewms - Live @ The Brews Brothers - 24 Oct 2010

Main Street Brats - Live @ The Brews Brothers - 24 Oct 2010

Meat Thump - Live @ The Brews Brothers - 24 Oct 2010

Ironside also played but I had to leave early. I did however see them later that night in the semi final of the band comp at Ric's. They won the semi but missed winning the final by some three points.

Ironside - Live @ Rics - 24 Oct 2010

Most Sundays aren't this much fun.

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Nathan Ironside said...

love your work