Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laura At The Globe

Instrumental Rock; we has it. Apart from some thank yous and a howl or two and maybe some words to a Laura track, if you need vocals to make it interesting I got nothing for you tonight. But if you like riff laden loudness or bass driven shimmery guitar lines or drone head fucks with cello and a nice melody underlying it a la Mogwai [that wasn't any kind of comparison but it gives you some idea of the type of goods on display] then you are in for a treat.

Secret Birds

Secret Birds - Live @ The Globe - 20 Sept 2008 [36.20MB]

Del Toro

Del Toro - Live @ The Globe - 20 Sept 2008 [67.62MB]

like to play in the dark
Laura - Live @ The Globe - 20 Sept 2008 [97.67MB]

Technical Notes: At about 26min and 44min in the Laura set there are 2 - 4 sec gaps due to Sony being so crap at engineering. You may not notice the first unless you are listening closely.
These are soundboard recordings so the downside is you get no crowd noise. I like crowd noise but sometimes it just nice to be there and not have to worry about your ears pointing in the right direction all night. The upside is you get no crowd noise. Sometimes the crowd are dicks.
Everyone commented on how great the drum sound was at this gig. And it was good. But for some reason the Del Toro set sometimes sounds like there was no guitarist at all. Fortunately Bree is a fine drummer.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arrrrgh etc

International Talk Like A Pirate Day Boat Cruise

was way undermanned which was a pity because The Gin Club, New Jack Rubys, and Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade were all fabulous and the Children With Cancer charity miss out on many monies. Some great costumes. I don't dress like that though. I mean when I go out to waylay ships on the high seas, steal the cargo, and slaughter all the crew and passengers I try to dress down so they aren't tipped off. Rule 1. No parrots. Though the raffle's third prize of a life size inflatable pirate, palm tree and monkey sounded pretty good.

The Gin Club started proceedings and, my bad, somehow I managed to turn the machine off after a few songs. My private collection that one.

New Jack Rubys rocked.

Haven't seen them for a while but they still do it for me. Steve and Paul are two excellent guitarists who complement each other very well.

New Jack Rubys - Live on The Island - 19 Sept 2008

Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade have the second best front girl in Brisbane. And Brisbane has at the moment some great girls out front.

That admittedly is not her best photo but sometinmes red eye just works I think.

Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade - Live on The Island - 19 Sept 2008

Off the Boat, Drive Very Fast to Valley. Into Club; The Tabu. I miss The Narwhals who many people tell me were good. Many of these people play in bands I consider very good so I better look out for them. Meanwhile here's Nova Scotia. "Bear Smashes Photocopier" is still one of the top three pieces of musical plastic I have purchased in the past two years. I am buying Havilah tomorrow so it may slip to No 4. but it's not a bad spot still. I love these guys. Nathan on guitar gets better every show.

Nova Scotia - Live @ The Tabu - 19 Sept 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Valley Fiesta 2008

Friday Night
Off to Kim Salmon but have time to catch the very wonderful John Steele Singers before I go.
The John Steele Singers - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 12 Sept 2008 [43.95MB]

Amazing Voice? Check. Riffs Galore? Check. Hit it.
Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sept 2008 [49.18MB]
Blinding set from this local trio. At about 13min there is a couple of recording glitches and one of them cuts out about 1 min of the start of the track. The MiniDisc involved has been retired with extreme prejudice.
Side Effects - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sep 2008 [54.84MB]
The Boat People - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sep 2008 [55.43MB]
Crowd favourite Ups & Downs bring out the older punters. For some reason I feel odd in a crowd where I'm not the oldest person. I also agree with Ben Salter that a Big Heavy Stuff reunion would be very nice.
Ups & Downs - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sept 2008 [68.83MB]
It appears there are now 28 permanent members of the Gin Club. A random selection of them performed some of their hits for us.
The Gin Club - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sep 2008 [68.07MB]

Australia's finest exponents of country rock and roll. no really he said so. and he's probably right.
The Re-Mains - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 14 Sep 2008 [63.76 MB]

A rain shortened set by the lovely Kate and the err.. handsome, Ben.
Texas Tea - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 14 Sept 2008 [37.96MB]

Unless I wear a sign, someone is often going to talk to me at these shows and unless there is strong swearing involved [which I admit I am prone to occasionally] I usually can't take it out without damaging the integrity of the recording which I prefer not to do. It is a audience recording after all so I apologize in advance to any purists out there.

The Last[ish] Rational Academy Show

in the current lineup at least. Meredeth and Ollie leave. Who knows what will happen next. Having said that I check the myspace page to make sure I spell everyones name right and Meredeth and Ollie have already disappeared; sic transit etc. Welcome Amelia, Todd, and Matt. You have a lot to live up to.

I got into the room after the first track had started so the fade in is a few minutes into it.

Rational Academy - Live @ The Judy - 11 Sept 2008[23.15MB]

They were supporting Qua. I like Qua a lot. His music is playful and he always seems to be enjoying himself. It builds well and while it's precise it doesn't sound calculated.

Probably best to listen to with headphones. The speaker system at the Judy was all round the room and some of it might sound like it's coming from behind even though I was looking directly at the performers.

Qua - - Live @ The Judy - 11 Sept 2008 [53.54MB]

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Surreal Sound

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists at The Step Inn

Sometimes it all comes together. Kewpie Doll and Gentle Ben sounded better than I've heard them for a while. I have to say that the Step Inn sound system is working really well these days from where I stand.

Kewpie Doll - Live @ The Step Inn - 12 Sept 2008 [43.4 MB]
Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side - Live @ The Step Inn - 12 Sept 2008 [55.66 MB]

The Butcher Birds first gig in Brisbane with the new drummer, Donny, and what he does to the sound is a revelation. A little bit faster so you can't accuse them of plodding anymore, and more drive from behind to fill out the sound rather than just keep the beat. A much more muscular sound. I love it.

Butcher Birds - Live @ The Step Inn - 12 Sept 2008 [50.68 MB]

Kim Salmon is some kinda genius I swear.

Kim Salmon & The Surrealists - Live @ The Step Inn - 12 Sept 2008 [99.34 MB]

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Light Entertainment

Nothing serious this weekend [and that is not a joke about Root!]. Just fun. Beer, friends, music.

Punk/Country night at The Troubadour
The Packets - Live @ The Troubadour - 06 Sept 2008 (61.88 MB)
Root! - Live @ The Troubadour - 06 Sept 2008 (117.11 MB)

Vegas Kings Release Live CD.
of gig I recorded so I went along and recorded them playing the songs that are on the CD. Again. yeah...

anyway DZ are quite impressive and I will see them again. Sorta Jay Reatard but younger. While some people say the whole Black Keys guitar/drums duo thing is old I think there is still space for it done well. Mess Hall are still great and DZ shows it can still be fresh.
DZ - Live @ The Troubadour - 05 Sept 2008 (44.37 MB)
One man band from France. Love him.
King Automatic - Live @ The Troubadour - 05 Sept 2008 (71.43 MB)
Not tired of the Kings at all. Will never tire of Flying Jesus Judo Kicks.
Vegas Kings - Live @ The Troubadour - 05 Sept 2008 (77.7 MB)