Saturday, September 20, 2008

Arrrrgh etc

International Talk Like A Pirate Day Boat Cruise

was way undermanned which was a pity because The Gin Club, New Jack Rubys, and Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade were all fabulous and the Children With Cancer charity miss out on many monies. Some great costumes. I don't dress like that though. I mean when I go out to waylay ships on the high seas, steal the cargo, and slaughter all the crew and passengers I try to dress down so they aren't tipped off. Rule 1. No parrots. Though the raffle's third prize of a life size inflatable pirate, palm tree and monkey sounded pretty good.

The Gin Club started proceedings and, my bad, somehow I managed to turn the machine off after a few songs. My private collection that one.

New Jack Rubys rocked.

Haven't seen them for a while but they still do it for me. Steve and Paul are two excellent guitarists who complement each other very well.

New Jack Rubys - Live on The Island - 19 Sept 2008

Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade have the second best front girl in Brisbane. And Brisbane has at the moment some great girls out front.

That admittedly is not her best photo but sometinmes red eye just works I think.

Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade - Live on The Island - 19 Sept 2008

Off the Boat, Drive Very Fast to Valley. Into Club; The Tabu. I miss The Narwhals who many people tell me were good. Many of these people play in bands I consider very good so I better look out for them. Meanwhile here's Nova Scotia. "Bear Smashes Photocopier" is still one of the top three pieces of musical plastic I have purchased in the past two years. I am buying Havilah tomorrow so it may slip to No 4. but it's not a bad spot still. I love these guys. Nathan on guitar gets better every show.

Nova Scotia - Live @ The Tabu - 19 Sept 2008

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Andrew McMillen said...

Thanks for the Nova Scotia set, and the Havilah reminder!