Tuesday, May 31, 2011

No Anchor launch Real Pain Supernova

Whatever you think of No Anchors recorded output (and I'm loving it) there is no doubt they deliver on stage. The launch of the LP is a case in point.

I love Dreamtime and if I ever say I'm tired of The Undead Apes you will know I have been replaced by a mindless automaton.

Dreamtime - Live @ Woodland - 13 May 2011

Undead Apes - Live @ Woodland - 13 May 2011

No Anchor - Live @ Woodland - 13 May 2011

Boomgates, Super Wild Horses but per purpose

Boomgates are great though occasionally the ties back to the members other bands is a bit strong. Super Wild Horses I enjoyed when I let the mid set change happen and just enjoyed the second half for it's own sake.

but per purpose were the standout of the night. Someone suggested that they tore a new hole in the universe the night before at The Step Inn and they went pretty close at Woodland the next night.

per purpose - Live @ Woodland - 08 May 2011

Super Wild Horses - Live @ Woodland - 08 May 2011

Boomgates - Live @ Woodland - 08 May 2011

Wonderfuls 7" Launch

Who are Wonderfuls you may ask. I did too.

akll I know is that this is Wonderfuls at a house show. Relaxed and agressive at the same time. Hope it helps.

Wonderfuls - Live @ Latrobe Tce - 30 April 2011

Stature Statue Farewell at The Zoo

I have always enjoyed Stature Statue and it is sad to see the final lineup signing off. A great show and excellent supports. Dune Rats were fun.

Velociraptor - Live @ The Zoo - 28 April 2011

Dune Rats - Live @ The Zoo - 28 April 2011

Stature Statue - Live @ The Zoo - 28 April 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tym's Guitars In-Store Shows

I have posted the Nova Scotia In-Store performance already. I've been to three more since then and missed a few.

Axxonn [Tom Hall] moved to America a few days after this set. He has taken some time off to get married but that is out of the way now and I'm sure he is readying his assault on the locals. He will do well.
Axxonn - Live @ Tym's Guitars - 18 Mar 2011

I love this band. They have pretty much written their second albums material and it will be as good as the first. This set is great for the guitar sound from John Mercer. At most shows his sound is buried in the mix but not today.
Undead Apes - Live @ Tym's Guitars - 03 April 2011

John Weise plays bass guitar. Well more like he uses a bass guitar to produce the raw sounds he then plays with on pedals and assorted gear. Great stuff.
John Wiese - Live @ Tym's Guitars - 08 April 2011

A short piece from Thrones and if I'd had the time I would have liked to go to the show to see how he developed the ideas.
Thrones - Live @ Tym's Guitars - 08 April 2011