Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keep On Dancin's CD Launch

This went pretty well.

Strange Attractors are a variation of the Velociraptor collective for want of a better description but the music is a bit more mainstream while still retaining the heavy pop sensibility. That means they're good.

Cobwebbs are new to me and play pop that after a few songs settle into more of a groove that at times reminded me of The Music which again is a good thing.

Keep On Dancin's are sort of like They Shoot Horses Don't They dancing in case you think it's going to be upbeat.

Blank Realm have been to America though you can't tell by looking at them. Always different. Always exciting.

The Strange Attractors - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

Cobwebbs - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

Keep On Dancin's - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

Blank Realm - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

New Jack Rubys & Lords Of Wong Split Single Launch

I bought the single. Lords of Wong are fun and New Jack Rubys impress every time especially Steve and Paul's guitar work.

Lords Of Wong - Live @ The Step Inn - 21 April 2010

New Jack Rubys - Live @ The Step Inn - 21 April 2010

Step Inn Front Bar for Electronic Noise and Loud Guitars

D Black back from Japan for a while starts off a night of Electronica and Noise. Ambrose Chapel and Silver Screens from Toowoomba ended up with short sets because of delays for gear problems. There was so much electronic gear on stage that it's a wonder any Electronica gig goes well. Then finish the night with Die On Planes who get better every time I see them and Rational Academy or was it White Bears of Norway tonight? not sure even they know some nights. And what did it cost; $10 or something like that. Why would you bother with TV at home.

D Black - Live @ The Step Inn - 01 April 2010

Ambrose Chapel - Live @ The Step Inn - 01 April 2010

Die On Planes - Live @ The Step Inn - 01 April 2010

Rational Academy - Live @ The Step Inn - 01 April 2010

Silver Screens - Live @ The Step Inn - 01 April 2010


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Monday, April 25, 2011

Ric's Big Backyard Festival

I hope there are more. i hope as well that the price becomes more friendly. I was there only through a ticket I won the night before. No wait, I gave that to a girl who asked nicely for it. I was the '+ 1' of a local rock personage who shall remain nameless lest his obvious lack of friends embarrasses him.

Went early to see Velociraptor. Was not disappointed.

Velociraptor - Live @ Ric's Big Back Yard Festival - 26 Mar 2011

Was there later in the evening for the last three acts

Violent Soho - Live @ Ric's Big Back Yard Festival - 26 Mar 2011

Pangaea were a hit with the crowd. A band which hasn't performed for 10 years or more had a fair contingent of front rowers singing along to every song. Hard to argue with that. I loved it. Their sense of humour and obvious fun made it easy to enjoy.
Pangaea - Live @ Ric's Big Back Yard Festival - 26 Mar 2011

You Am I are an Australian institution. The man continues to write top songs. Unfortunately when I see them I feel like I'm in a big RSL somewhere. It feels like a 'show'. I realize that at that level all acts put on a show so I guess it's just the way You Am I does it that doesn't do anything for me. Grinderman put on a show but I don't feel like there's an RSL within miles of where ever I am. Don't get me wrong, the music is great. And you will enjoy it.
You Am I - Live @ Ric's Big Back Yard Festival - 26 Mar 2011

Giants Of Science

As mentioned in the previous post I don't posts tapes that are technically bad. This happened to the Undead Apes set from this show. I have new mics and was testing them and found new ways that they didn't work. Even the GOS set posted here suffers a bit but it is quite listenable.

This is the Giants warm up show for the Flood Benefit where they opened for the Foo Fighters. Apparently that went well.

Giants of Science - Live @ Rics - 25 Mar 2011

Unfortunately there are a few sets from March that are plagued by technical difficulties which are now sorted.

The Step Inn revisited

I previously posted part of this show from December but mentioned that I didn't think the John Chantler set was worthy. He asked for a copy and he said that apart from some early parts he was a little unsure about he thought it was OK and has posted it on his own site so who am I to judge. On the same basis I post the xNoBBQx set for those interested.

John Chantler - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Dec 2010

xNoBBQx - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Dec 2010

I usually will only not post recordings if a) asked and b) the recording is bad for technical reasons. As these were neither I apologise to both these artists for not posting the sets. On review they seem to be the only ones treated this way.

Thee Magic Mile Club again for the very last time

It looks like there will be no more. Sad. The place had a good feel though you could see it could get too big and turn messy. But a big thanks to everyone involved for having a go.

and the sound was getting better too.

Conwae Burrell - Live @ Thee Magic Mile Club - 19 Mar 2011

The Young Liberals - Live @ Thee Magic Mile Club - 19 Mar 2011

The Onyas Aren't Dead Yet

I have no idea why this didn't post when I wrote it. A fine set by the Onyas; this was billed as their possible last show but it was news to them. Ably supported by The Sips and Lobster Prophet

Lobster Prophet - Live @ Woodland - 05 Feb 2011

The Sips - Live @ Woodland - 05 Feb 2011

The Onyas - Live @ Woodland - 05 Feb 2011