Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Keep On Dancin's CD Launch

This went pretty well.

Strange Attractors are a variation of the Velociraptor collective for want of a better description but the music is a bit more mainstream while still retaining the heavy pop sensibility. That means they're good.

Cobwebbs are new to me and play pop that after a few songs settle into more of a groove that at times reminded me of The Music which again is a good thing.

Keep On Dancin's are sort of like They Shoot Horses Don't They dancing in case you think it's going to be upbeat.

Blank Realm have been to America though you can't tell by looking at them. Always different. Always exciting.

The Strange Attractors - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

Cobwebbs - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

Keep On Dancin's - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011

Blank Realm - Live @ Woodland - 23 April 2011