Monday, June 28, 2010

A Quiet Week

Oh, I was out a lot but I was not well and apart from Saturday night at the Yusef concert I didn't last past the first or second acts.

At The Hanger on Wednesday night to see Mick Turner I walked in just as Ghost Notes finished and asked Cam the drummer how it went and he said 'that was twice as good as any set we've ever played' and for the rest of the night everyone is like 'did you hear Ghost Notes Wow etc'. Next on were Opals & Poole featuring Merideth ex-Rational Academy and I believe one of the Hazzards of Swimming Naked among others. Nice soft ambient melodic stuff. Gos I hate labels. Mick Turner was enjoyable but a little too relaxed for me. It seemed to meander a bit. But then I was not well and left before his last song. Annoyed now that I didn't ask someone how much were the prints on display as I quite liked a couple. At $60 I later discovered they would have been a steal.

Opals & Poole - Live @ The Hanger - 23 Jun 2010

Mick Turner - Live @ The Hanger - 23 Jun 2010

Thursday night and I Used To Skate Once Vol 6. is an Art Happening where you can pay $500 for a very nicely painted skateboard deck while listening to a variety of local bands plus Songs from Sydney. Unless you're me who didn't have $500 or the strength to last past Per Purpose. Per Purpose are really good.

Per Purpose - Live @ The Outpost - 24 Jun 2010

Almost Invisible #4 was a co-production of Incremental Records and God Hates Brisbane that over two nights features a range of local ambient/drone/noise acts of whom I saw two on the first night before I got sick etc.

The Entire Asian Population is I think one of the best ever band names. I don't even think it is wasted on two skinny white guys improvising over loud drone riffs for 20 minutes. I caught up with Ghost Notes after missing them on Wednesday night. I particularly liked the band's use of the Trumpet.

The Entire Asian Population - Live @ Browning Street Studios - 25 Jun 2010

Ghost Notes - Live @ Browning Street Studios - 25 Jun 2010

On Saturday I was all set to go to as much as I could stand of either Almost Invisible #4 night two or Vegas Kings/Undsead Apes double header when I was offered two tickets to Yusef [Cat Stevens]. So Debbie and I went to the Ent Cent and saw Yusef. We saw him when he was last out [in 1972] and he hasn't changed all that much but that is not a bad thing. There is only so much you can do with his material and the backing band he had this time complimented the music very well. I guess timeless is as good an adjective as you will get for his simple but beautiful melodies. Took me a day to edit out the coughing noises.

Support was Noxshi fronted by his son. A psychedelic blues band who would not have been too out of place supporting him in 1972 but I mean that is a good way.

Noxshi - Live @ BEC - 26 June 2010

Cat Stevens - Live @ BEC - 26 June 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Brisbane Underground Music Scene was a fortnightly free magazine published during the early 1990's. Last night at The Zoo some of the bands got together and played one more time. Also on sale was a compilation of the first 10 issues of the magazine. The problems seem to be much the same still; punter apathy, lack of venues, the need to leave to succeed. Then again they could throw a camping 'festival' like Cavedwellers; $20 for 10 bands, BYO booze food and tents just turn left north of Kingaroy and it's 23km along the Wondai-Chinchilla Rd, you see the quarry on the right go 1km down the road opposite, look for the stage. Try that these days.

So, the bands. The show started at 7.00pm and I got there about 8.15pm and missed the first few bands. Alien Virus were finishing as I walked in and they sounded pretty solid.

On the night my favourites were Purple Avengers, a slightly psychedelic band, and Chopper Division, more mainstream but with some edge. Toxic Garden Gnomes had the crowd dancing with their take on RHCP style rhythm and Minnesota Triplets [I should have seen it coming] played one Husker Do, and one maybe two Sugar tracks as well as a bunch of pretty good songs of their own.

The crowd was good with a mix of people out for the first time in 15 years and young people who should never have heard of these bands. Missing entirely as far as I could see was anyone from currently playing bands except Tim Stewart.

Way Cool Junior - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
The Incredible Strand - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Purple Avengers - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Minnesota Triplets - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Chopper Division - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Toxic Garden Gnomes - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010

The night was recorded and filmed by the organizers so keep an eye out for it.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sounds Like Brisbane

Sounds Like Brisbane is new venture by a group of Brisbane labels to promote Brisbane music. A launch of sorts occurred last evening in two lanes in the CBD. The sound in each was surprisingly good. I was impressed with the Island Court space when I finally found it. The building on the Island houses a nice coffee shop and someone suggested the spare space on the ground floor was to become a venue.

Most of these bands you have heard here before. They are here again because I like them.

Finally got to see Last Dinosaurs and they are impressive for young kids. Maybe a little slick for someone so young but I suppose it's a necessity if you are being groomed for success. If that sounds like I'm putting them down it isn't meant to. They are an organic band rather than some of the manufactured crap that gets pushed out and their songwriting is promising. I hope they do well.

Halfway I am pretty sure I've seen/heard before but I don't seem to have recorded it. This is usually how I remember unfortunately. I have a soft spot for country rock. Sweetheart Of The Rodeo is one of my all time favourite records. It was the soundtrack to the morning of my wedding. Blondie was to have been the soundtrack to the reception and John Woods a ZZZ presenter put together a really nice mixtape of then current [1979] punk/new wave stuff but after about three songs the guests revolted and made the DJ play something they knew. And we hand't even gotten to Razar.

Meanwhile back in 2010 here are some top pop combos for your listening pleasure.

Nova Scotia - Live @ Burnett Lane - 18 Jun 2010
Butcher Birds - Live @ Burnett Lane - 18 Jun 2010
Last Dinosaurs - Live @ Burnett Lane - 18 Jun 2010
The Rational Academy - Live @ Island Ct Lane - 18 June 2010
Halfway - Live @ Island Ct Lane - 18 June 2010

Wiley Reed is not a top pop combo. He's a blues man. I first heard Wiley Reed playing after dinner at a restaurant The Cork & Fork up on Petrie Terrace in the early 70's. I waited there for a year or so so I heard him a lot. I had trouble finding the Island Court stage so I only got the last few songs.
Wiley Reed - Live @ Island Ct Lane - 18 June 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Unconvention Brisbane

You can read all about the Unconvention here. I went and really enjoyed the whole thing. I learned a lot about how this music industry operates. I also may have found someone who can help me with the Copyright thing so it was $20 well spent. I can't believe the whole thing cost $20.

If they have one of these things in your local area you really should go.

At lunch on Sunday we watched a couple of High School bands play. Short videos of each are on the Unconvention web site. Here are the full Freak Morice set and two of four songs by Calais.

Freak Morice - Live @ Unconvention Brisbane - 13 June 2010

Calais - Live @ Unconvention Brisbane - 13 June 2010

Dropbears Benefit and More

A number of local musicians have a social AFL football team known as The Dropbears. Apparently their skill levels range from OK to not OK at all really but they keep going back each week for more punishment. You think they'd get enough of that in the bands. Anyway, they needed money for after game refreshments probably so they put on a show. I gave them $10. They gave me this.

Midget Pillion - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 June 2010

Undead Apes - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 June 2010

plus Seaplane who were very good indeed.

Meanwhile downstairs there was another show and I alternated between them. As a consequence some of the sets are short by one or two songs as the coordination between the two rooms was slightly off. I'm not complaining, they were separate shows after all. I gave these guys $8. They gave me this.

Tiger Beams - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 June 2010

Running Guns - Live @ The Step Inn 11 June 2010

Butcher Birds - Live @ The Step Inn - 11 June 2010

A good night.

Lincoln le Fevre

Quiet Thursday night and quite a small crowd at the Troubadour and three solo acts; Lincoln le Fevre from Tasmania, Tash Parker from north Western Australia via Melbourne, and Ben Salter.

I enjoyed it. The artists seemed to be enjoying themselves and the drunks were having a great time.

Lincoln le Fevre - Live @ The Troubadour - 10 June 2010

Tash Parker - Live @ The Troubadour - 10 June 2010

Ben Salter - Live @ The Troubadour - 10 June 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

God Hates Brisbane

Awesome. Just awesome. No Anchor are probably my favourite Brisbane band right now. Every time I hear them they get better.

The whole lineup is great. Get amongst it. If you don't know the bands they are all loud and/or heavy except maybe Cured Pink who is loud and beaty.

*Room Of Inordinate Awesome *

8:30 The Entire Asian Population
9:30 Die On Planes
10:30 Cured Pink
11:30 Turnpike

*Room Of Glacial Abyss *

9:00 Ambrose Chapel
10:00 White Bears of Norway
11:00 AXXONN
12:00 No Anchor


At the Troubadour with Young Liberals and BMXRays in support. Young Liberals set was plagued by me forgetting to change the settings from Saturday nights set by Mardi Lumsden at the Museum. Don't worry they recorded it themselves for a live release.

BMXRays were impressive and Ironside were good solid fun. Nice quiet Thursday night out.

BMXRays - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 June 2010

Ironside - Live @ The Troubadour - 03 June 2010

Fine Colors

at Ric's Bar some time ago. You need to listen to these with headphones. The Bass in particular on the Fine Colors recording is really booming and distracting over speakers but under phones the sound is a lot clearer and you can hear the vocals.

Support by Velociraptor at their shambolic finest.

Fine Colors - Live @ Ric's Bar - 19 May 2010

Velociraptor - Live @ Ric's Bar - 19 May 2010

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mardi Lumsden & The Rising Seas

The Old Museum is much nicer than I thought it might be. The sound is good. I came into the room and thought gee thios is so big and high but it came out fine.

Before I got there I had been in the Valley and caught a few songs from Texas Tea at Ric's and I include them here as support for Mardi Lumsden & The Rising Seas who launched their new LP. I really enjoyed the night.

Texas Tea - Live @ Ric's - 29 May 2010

Mardi Lumsden & The Rising Seas - Live @ The Old Museum - 29 May 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

RIP Label Party

On a busy Saturday night I see part of Bed Wettin' Bad Boys and Dead Farmer but catch the whole Royal Headache set. They are all good but my favourite of the night was Royal Headache.

Royal Headache - Live @The Valley Mall - 29 May 2010

Dead Farmers - Live @The Valley Mall - 29 May 2010

Bed Wettin' Bad Boys - Live @The Valley Mall - 29 May 2010

Scraps @ Burst City

Sunday arvo at Burst City. Kitten Party kick off with a short set of atmospheric dream drone.

Science are pretty great. I end up sitting to the side near the guitar amp to get the guitar sound better so the vocals are low and aimed away from me.

Arse Shaped Box are a Nirvana covers band and are Matt and Glen from Kitchens Floor, Harry from Loomer, and Robbie from one incarnation of ExtraFoxx and undoubtedly other bands on vocals

Scraps is back. i never knew she was away. Welcome back Scraps. One girl, some keyboards and more reverb than you can poke a stick at. I liked it.

Kitten Party - Live @ Burst City - 23 May 2010

Science - Live @ Burst City - 23 May 2010

Arse Shaped Box - Live @ Burst City - 23 May 2010

Scraps - Live @ Burst City - 23 May 2010

Alice In Wonderland

The old George Cinema in George St is now the Tribal Cinema. Tonight we see a 1920's silent version of Alice in Wonderland with a live soundtrack by IO3 who are Tam Patton, Heinz Riegler, and Laurence English. Very smooth. The movie is great.

IO3 - Live @ Tribal Cinema - Alice In Wonderland - 21 May 2010