Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Drones

proved once again that they are the best band in Australia if not the world at the moment. There have been comments that too much Havilah material is crowding out the classic stuff in the current set. Really? You'd think they were trying to sell the record or something. Havilah is where the band is at the moment. To me at least it makes no sense artistically to ignore it when they are touring it. And in any case live, most of it is as powerful as anything from their back catalog.

I have been to concerts by bands with two or three goods tracks on the new CD and a back catalog that everyone wants to hear anyway and about the middle you just wish they would hurry up, get to the hit and you can go home. That is not a problem for me at a Drones concert. If nothing else I find it difficult to get bored by the guitar work of Gareth and Dan.

Enough of that. Support by the great Gin Club in almost full glory. I'm sure I've seen more people on stage before. Not sure what the hell they would actually do...

And The Kes Band. Not many people there to start with but by the end I'm pretty sure everyone in the place was listening and enjoying. I hope they make it back to Brisbane soon.

The Kes Band - Live @ The Zoo - 25 Oct 2008 [41.9MB]

The Gin Club - Live @ The Zoo - 25 Oct 2008 [69.89MB]

The Drones - Live @ The Zoo - 25 Oct 2008 [130.64MB]

Violent Soho

led the pack on Friday night and what a pack. Probably one of the best local lineups all year.

Dick Nasty - Live @ The Step Inn - 24 Oct 2008.mp3 (34.64 MB)

eat laser scumbag! - Live @ The Step Inn 24 Oct 2008.mp3 (45.95 MB)

No Anchor - Live @ The Step Inn 24 Oct 2008.mp3 (34.86 MB)

Turnpike - Live @ The Step Inn - 24 Oct 2008.mp3 (40.07 MB)

Violent Soho - Live @ The Step Inn - 24 Oct 2008.mp3 (55.33 MB)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dave McCormack

Every time is like the first time. I guess that's what timeless [in this case] pop is all about.

Dave McCormack - Live @ Ric's - 09 Oct 2008- Set 01
Dave McCormack - Live @ Ric's - 09 Oct 2008- Set 02

Joan As Policewoman

Absolutely beautiful. The Songs, the band, the singer, the voice. And a very nice lady as well.

Joan As Policewoman - Live @ The Globe - 11 Oct 2008

Joan As Policewoman - Live @ The Globe - 11 Oct 2008 [Compressed]

Can I ask a favour. The levels on the 1st untreated version are very quiet and if you just play it out loud you will be disappointed I think. Under phones I think it is like being there. I have included a second set that has been through a multiband compressor to make it a bit more speaker friendly. Please try both but listen to the first using good ear/headphones. It is worth the hassle. But also please let me know what you think/which you prefer.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Tabu Bar

is already a favourite place to sit back sipping a cool beer and listening to high quality music. Don't tell anyone please.

The Young Liberals
are legend. Here is why.

The Young Liberals - Live @ The Tabu Bar - 04 Oct 2008

guest appearance by The L.E.G.E.N.D.

The Heels
who would do a very good cover of Green Onions if the singer let them.

The Heels - Live @ The Tabu Bar - 04 Oct 2008

The Hits.
I love The Hits. Specifically Tamara The Hits. When these guys play you can feel the love in the room. Occasionally you can even see it but mostly that's just Evil Dick rolling round on the floor.

The Hits - Live @ The Tabu Bar - 04 Oct 2008

The Grates at The Arena

The Grates were wonderful as always. If you listen closely you can hear them through the murk that passes as air in the Arena. The new songs fit perfectly and a couple are already sing along favourites.
The Grates - Live @ The Arena - 03 Oct 2008
Another copy if there are problems with the megaupload link above

The Vasco Era

Never seen before and was more than happy with their take on the blues as a basis for rock. Looking forward to seeing them again.
The Vasco Era - Live @ The Arena - 03 Oct 2008

The John Steele Singers
I hope they are received as enthusiastically down south as they were at home. They deserve it. A great live act.

The John Steele Singers - Live @ The Arena - 03 Oct 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008


and Cloud Control at The Tivoli

Cloud Control were fine and well received but I'd have thought a slightly beefier band might have been a better choice to support Supergrass.

Cloud Control - Live @ The Tivoli - 02 Oct 2008 [52.49MB]

Supergrass are great fun. Lots of material from Diamond Hoo Ha but the old favourites as well.I like the Tivoli as I may have said before. It's a fine recording I think. Best under 'phones but it sounds pretty good on your speakers.

Supergrass - Live @ The Tivoli - 02 Oct 2008 [117.09MB]

Frank Black

with Violent Soho at The Arena

Never been to The Arena. The placde seems to be inhabited mainly by dance people in those flouro loon pants. That stuff might sound fine in the Arena. Rock struggles. Especially anything loud or dense. So Violent Soho struggled. I barely heard the guitars throughout the set. I thought that it might be me but a few complained. The band seemed a little distracted as well so not their best set.

Violent Soho - Live @ The Arena - 01 Oct 2008 [49.72MB]

Frank Black sounded a lot better I think because there were only the guitar, bass and drums. The set was great. Well paced and good variety. But a bit short I thought. Just over the hour mark. The Perth show had a solo set from Frank before the Band joined him and I assumed a similar set here but he came on with the band and went straight through. It meant I had to change tapes just before the end and missed a minute or two.

And did I mention beer is expensive as well.

Frank Black - Live @ The Arena - 01 Oct 2008 [105.75MB]

Mr Maps

At Ric's

some call it Math Rock.

Mr Maps - Live @ Ric's - 25 Sept 2008 [51.43MB]