Friday, October 3, 2008

Frank Black

with Violent Soho at The Arena

Never been to The Arena. The placde seems to be inhabited mainly by dance people in those flouro loon pants. That stuff might sound fine in the Arena. Rock struggles. Especially anything loud or dense. So Violent Soho struggled. I barely heard the guitars throughout the set. I thought that it might be me but a few complained. The band seemed a little distracted as well so not their best set.

Violent Soho - Live @ The Arena - 01 Oct 2008 [49.72MB]

Frank Black sounded a lot better I think because there were only the guitar, bass and drums. The set was great. Well paced and good variety. But a bit short I thought. Just over the hour mark. The Perth show had a solo set from Frank before the Band joined him and I assumed a similar set here but he came on with the band and went straight through. It meant I had to change tapes just before the end and missed a minute or two.

And did I mention beer is expensive as well.

Frank Black - Live @ The Arena - 01 Oct 2008 [105.75MB]

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