Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Drones

proved once again that they are the best band in Australia if not the world at the moment. There have been comments that too much Havilah material is crowding out the classic stuff in the current set. Really? You'd think they were trying to sell the record or something. Havilah is where the band is at the moment. To me at least it makes no sense artistically to ignore it when they are touring it. And in any case live, most of it is as powerful as anything from their back catalog.

I have been to concerts by bands with two or three goods tracks on the new CD and a back catalog that everyone wants to hear anyway and about the middle you just wish they would hurry up, get to the hit and you can go home. That is not a problem for me at a Drones concert. If nothing else I find it difficult to get bored by the guitar work of Gareth and Dan.

Enough of that. Support by the great Gin Club in almost full glory. I'm sure I've seen more people on stage before. Not sure what the hell they would actually do...

And The Kes Band. Not many people there to start with but by the end I'm pretty sure everyone in the place was listening and enjoying. I hope they make it back to Brisbane soon.

The Kes Band - Live @ The Zoo - 25 Oct 2008 [41.9MB]

The Gin Club - Live @ The Zoo - 25 Oct 2008 [69.89MB]

The Drones - Live @ The Zoo - 25 Oct 2008 [130.64MB]


Andrew McMillen said...

I wasn't really concerned by the abundance of new material, but you've got to admit that playing 80% of the new album is more than most bands would venture and/or get away with!

Damn their talent.

Andrew said...

I'm glad they played mostly Havilah songs, it's their best album i reckon. Also loved that version of locust. Thanks for the download

The Gin said...

Thanks a lot again John! Didn't see you but I think you'll agree it was awesome.

Speak soon



Micky C said...

I thought that they played heaps of the new album myself. But being I think it's their best thus far I wasn't concerned in the least. Of course I would of liked a couple of extra tunes like Are you Leaving for the Country or their cover of Cortez but have no issues with the tunes they did play.