Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turnpike and Sweet Dreams

Went to see Abdoujaparov but had to leave early. I am seeing them again this afternoon at Burst City so they will be here later.

But great support sets from Turnpike and Sweet Dreams

Turnpike - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Apr 2010

Sweet Dreams - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Apr 2010

FantasmaBAnco used my audio over her video. The result is quite good.

Dave McCormack

Long night. Started at Ric's to catch The Sunburys a local pop rock act along the lines of You Am I. I left before they finished but only missed two songs.

Then across the road to The Troubadour For Dave McCormack show. First support is the lovely Kate Jacobson doing what she does best; making people cry but in a good way.

Ed Guglieimino & The Show. Ed is a great songwriter and this set shows that.

Dave McCormack. Dave's material is timeless. I think I've said that before but I can listen to Dave over and over and every time it's like the first time. I love it.

Then stayed for the late show with The Young Liberals.

The Sunburys - Live @ Ric's - 17 Apr 2010
Kate Jacobson - Live @ The Troubadour - 17 Apr 2010
Edward Guglielmino & The Show - Live @ The Troubadour - 17 Apr 2010
Dave McCormack - Live @ The Troubadour - 17 Apr 2010
The Young Liberals - Live @ The Troubadour - 18 Apr 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gareth Liddiard

His solo tour kicks off in Brisbane with Ben Salter in support.

Ben's set is occasionally subject to crowd chatter. I'm really considering getting a STFU I'M LISTENING t shirt. Ben is also joined for a couple of songs by his Gin Clubmate Connor MacDonald. I had to leave before the set finished and left the tape run as I went outside rather than cut it off.

Gareth Liddiard {The Drones} as he is continually referred to in the press for this tour was great. Only one new song tonight but with his back catalogue no one complained. Even the crowd shut up. There was a great interview recently with Gareth in The Vine. Can't wait for the new releases from both Gareth and The Drones.

Ben Salter - Live @ The Troubadour - 15 Apr 2010

Gareth Liddiard - Live @ The Troubadour - 15 Apr 2010

And I'm old enough to know who Blondin was but I wisely kept my mouth shut.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Pirate

"hey pirate, you've been reported. universal music was particularly interested"

this is the text of a message left by anonymous. Thanks anonymous. I assume you reported my blog to all and sundry record companies round the place for some reason. Christ knows what that reason is. Anyone in a band would have the balls to tell me or if not, just do it and not post rubbish like that.

i'm happy to take down any recordings that people object to. I do it as soon as asked.

95% of the recordings on this site are from bands who are fully aware of the recordings and are more than happy for them to be here or who are known to be 'taper friendly'. The other 5% like I said I'm happy to remove if anyone asks. The blog is primarily for Brisbane bands and if it gets closed down by universal believe me it will be back up in a short period of time featuring brisbane bands.

In the meantime you need to get a life you sad arsehole.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Del Toro say Goodbye For A While

Adam, the guitarist, is off to Norway for two years so he had a party at the Hanger.

Carl is guitarist with The Narwhals. Tonight he and his acoustic guitar played alone. Some quite beautiful passages here.
Carl Monticone - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

Threepiece No Anchor is becoming the heaviest band in Brisbane. In this set you can actually hear the vocals. But on the downside the Fender is a little louder than the Rickenbacker but could be just my ears.
No Anchor - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

I have a t-shirt. Says "Play Music / Turnpike"
Turnpike - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

This is why we will miss this band. Thanks for a great party Adam. See you in a couple of years.
Del Toro - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

Butcher Birds

Support was Mother & Father. They wear their influences on their sleeve.
Mother & Father - Live @ The Step Inn Front Bar - 09 Apr 2010

Butcher Birds get better all the time.
Butcher Birds - Live @ The Step Inn Front Bar - 09 Apr 2010


deserve their own entry. Descriptions are useless but somewhere describes them as a turbo folk micro-orchestra. The drummer is a show on her own. If they come your way go see them. Seriously.

Vialka - Live @ Ric's Bar - 09 Apr 2010

Eddy Current Supression Ring

People ask me how the Eddy Current gig went the other night and now I reply "Do you like Eddy Current cause if you do it was fucking fabulous and if you you think they are 'ok i guess' then you wouldn't have enjoyed it". No one has actually said they hate the band but a lot seem to 'just not get it' and a surprising number of them, seem to be musicians. Weird. Given up trying to rationalize why I like these guys so much. Pretty sure someone else will like it.

Plus Screamin' Stevie doing what only he can do and a great set from Kitchen's Floor.

Screamin' Stevie's Australia - Live @ The Zoo - 08 April 2010

Kitchen's Floor - Live @ The Zoo - 08 April 2010

Eddy Current Supression Ring - Live @ The Zoo - 08 April 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

East Coast Blues & Roots Festival 2010

Thanks to Matisyahu for the opportunity to record his set. I have seen him once before in a festival set and this makes two. One day I'll get a chance to see his concert set. I love this guys music a lot.

Matisyahu - Live @ East Coast Blues & Roots - 02 Apr 2010

While I was there I took the opportunity to also see

Ozomatli - Live @ East Coast Blues & Roots - 02 Apr 2010
Rodriguez - Live @ East Coast Blues & Roots - 02 Apr 2010
Jeff Beck - Live @ East Coast Blues & Roots - 02 Apr 2010

Browning Street and Rosies and I still missed Deaf Wish

First to Rosies on Friday night where I saw

Swamplords - Live @ Rosies - 26 Mar 2010

Chinese Burns - Live @ Rosies - 26 Mar 2010

and told myself that I would see Deaf Wish at the house party on Saturday night so it was OK to go home early.

So Saturday and first to Browning Street Studios [actually a rehearsal room but at least air conditioned]

Sunshine State - Live @ Browning Street Studios - 27 Mar 2010

Sleepwalks - Live @ Browning Street Studios - 27 Mar 2010

Do The Robot - Live @ Browning Street Studios - 27 Mar 2010

Baryshnikov - Live @ Browning Street Studios - 27 Mar 2010

Nice pop rock from Baryshnikov. Power pop from Sleepwalks who get better all the time.

Then off to a house party to see Knee Chin, Per Purpose, Blank Realm, Loomer and Deaf Wish. Would the house be able to withstand the power of that lineup. Well the PA couldn't to start with and I have two very nice karaoke sets from Knee Chin and Per Purpose if anyone knows the words. As it was approximately a sauna by his time me being weak I went home. Apparently the PA got fixed and Deaf Wish played a blinder of a set then split up. FML eh?

Later in the week I went along to the new Rics and saw Running Guns. I like them. Rics is better than it was actually. There i said it.
Running Guns - Live @ Ric's - 31 Mar 2010