Sunday, April 18, 2010

Turnpike and Sweet Dreams

Went to see Abdoujaparov but had to leave early. I am seeing them again this afternoon at Burst City so they will be here later.

But great support sets from Turnpike and Sweet Dreams

Turnpike - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Apr 2010

Sweet Dreams - Live @ The Step Inn - 16 Apr 2010

FantasmaBAnco used my audio over her video. The result is quite good.


FantasmaBAnco said...

Hey... I hope you don't mind, but I used some of your audio file from the Turnpike gig on a video:

Tell me if it's a problem, but otherwise, enjoy!

staggerlee said...

hi there mate,i just downloaded one show of the GIN CLUB live at the globe on 18 april 2008 with a beautiful sound´s like the recording jumps every one second o so and that´s crap,you can´t enjoy it bothers me a lot cause it´s best GIN CUB recording you have, i guess there aint a way to fix it, right?
thanks from spain

ex_king_john said...

Fix it? It shouldn't be broke. But I downloaded it and it is 42min long even though the time listed by the player is 1hr 4min and as you say it has all these jumps. No idea how that happened. The Gareth Liddiard recording from the same night created using the same mp3 program came out fine.

Anyway I have re compressed the original wav file and uploaded it to mediafire. It is here I'll replace the link under the old post later today as well.

It is one of my few soundboard recordings. I'm glad you like it. They release a new album in June/July.

Thanks for the heads up on the file.

ex_king_john said...

FantasmaBAnco that is great. What software do you use to sync the audio. I have some clips taken with my DSC that I'd like to strip the audio from and put my recording to it.

staggerlee said...

fix it man,many thanks

FantasmaBAnco said...

I used Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 to put the video together. I muted the volume on the video file I used, and then synched up your audio, using Adam's first vocals as a fixed point. Then it was just a matter of dragging the 2 markers I'd created in the 2 audio files, so that they matched.

Not really sure how to strip audio from a video file... but I'm sure there's a program out there for it! Thanks again for making these files available, btw ; )