Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Pirate

"hey pirate, you've been reported. universal music was particularly interested"

this is the text of a message left by anonymous. Thanks anonymous. I assume you reported my blog to all and sundry record companies round the place for some reason. Christ knows what that reason is. Anyone in a band would have the balls to tell me or if not, just do it and not post rubbish like that.

i'm happy to take down any recordings that people object to. I do it as soon as asked.

95% of the recordings on this site are from bands who are fully aware of the recordings and are more than happy for them to be here or who are known to be 'taper friendly'. The other 5% like I said I'm happy to remove if anyone asks. The blog is primarily for Brisbane bands and if it gets closed down by universal believe me it will be back up in a short period of time featuring brisbane bands.

In the meantime you need to get a life you sad arsehole.


Brandon Walck said...


FantasmaBAnco said...

Trolls... love 'em or hate 'em... what would the internets be without 'em?

(probably a much nicer place : )

Fozzie said...

Wouldn't pay it too much mind, keep up the great work, it makes my bus trips to work a hell of a lot more fun.

Anonymous said...

I find it hard to believe that Universal would be interested in any of these bands - they're good.

chuck said...

It would be the jb @ blues i think.. so im quickly grabbing the file b4 u take it down :)

if all the pirates gather together arrrrrrrrrr we can take em all arrrrrr.. it would be like an armada on the www seas arrrrrrrrrr

rebirthing the blog under another name is pain but things u have to do this day an age..

keep up the good work good sir !

Anonymous said...

I know for a fact there are at least 3 recordings of indie bands on this site for which you didn't even approach the band, venue or event promoter for permission to record the gig - even though all are very approachable and there was ample opportunity. Don't pretend Universal are evil if you're not polite yourself. And since you don't publlsh your own contact details on here, you can't blame anyone for wanting to post anonymously.

ex_king_john said...

OK I have opened my profile. I thought it was open for viewing, sorry. I have also put contact details in the Welcome section of the front page.

Universal may or may not be evil. I didn't say either way. I also didn't say I had permission from every band I have recorded. I know of more than 3. If you want to let me know which ones you are particularly concerned about I'm happy to get in touch.

And I am polite but a bald statements like "I have told record companies about you" is a little aggressive. So I was assertive back. I feel much better now.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aggro Anonymous,
why does it concern you so?
If you are in one of those bands then say so, if not let them know and shut the fukk up.
Most of the bands on here are stoked to be able to hear shit back (apart from when the set could've been better) and I think Brendan is doing a fucking rad thing.
No money is changing hands here, he's not charging anyone, so why don't you find something better to do,
Geordie (

nimms said...

Hey mate,
I'm in two of the bands you've got recordings up here of (toy balloon and big strong brute) and I've got to say a big thanks! what you're doing is really important. Most of the small indie bands in the brisbane scene will never have a chance to put music down on a record, so capturing them before they disappear into the mist is pretty important I think. Definitely keep it up, and any record label that doesn't have it's head stuck up it's arse should endorse what you're doing