Sunday, April 11, 2010

Del Toro say Goodbye For A While

Adam, the guitarist, is off to Norway for two years so he had a party at the Hanger.

Carl is guitarist with The Narwhals. Tonight he and his acoustic guitar played alone. Some quite beautiful passages here.
Carl Monticone - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

Threepiece No Anchor is becoming the heaviest band in Brisbane. In this set you can actually hear the vocals. But on the downside the Fender is a little louder than the Rickenbacker but could be just my ears.
No Anchor - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

I have a t-shirt. Says "Play Music / Turnpike"
Turnpike - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

This is why we will miss this band. Thanks for a great party Adam. See you in a couple of years.
Del Toro - Live @ The Hanger - 10 Apr 2010

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