Sunday, June 20, 2010


Brisbane Underground Music Scene was a fortnightly free magazine published during the early 1990's. Last night at The Zoo some of the bands got together and played one more time. Also on sale was a compilation of the first 10 issues of the magazine. The problems seem to be much the same still; punter apathy, lack of venues, the need to leave to succeed. Then again they could throw a camping 'festival' like Cavedwellers; $20 for 10 bands, BYO booze food and tents just turn left north of Kingaroy and it's 23km along the Wondai-Chinchilla Rd, you see the quarry on the right go 1km down the road opposite, look for the stage. Try that these days.

So, the bands. The show started at 7.00pm and I got there about 8.15pm and missed the first few bands. Alien Virus were finishing as I walked in and they sounded pretty solid.

On the night my favourites were Purple Avengers, a slightly psychedelic band, and Chopper Division, more mainstream but with some edge. Toxic Garden Gnomes had the crowd dancing with their take on RHCP style rhythm and Minnesota Triplets [I should have seen it coming] played one Husker Do, and one maybe two Sugar tracks as well as a bunch of pretty good songs of their own.

The crowd was good with a mix of people out for the first time in 15 years and young people who should never have heard of these bands. Missing entirely as far as I could see was anyone from currently playing bands except Tim Stewart.

Way Cool Junior - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
The Incredible Strand - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Purple Avengers - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Minnesota Triplets - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Chopper Division - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010
Toxic Garden Gnomes - Live @ The Zoo - 19 Jun 2010

The night was recorded and filmed by the organizers so keep an eye out for it.


Anonymous said...
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ex_king_john said...

This is what it said.

Hi turn it up...
Thanks for the mention of the Purple Avengers - appreciated.

As a token thanks, send me yr mail address and I'll post a 'best of' disk for your library.

Cheers - Richard Avenger

Anonymous said...

chopper division are rad. thanks