Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Valley Fiesta 2008

Friday Night
Off to Kim Salmon but have time to catch the very wonderful John Steele Singers before I go.
The John Steele Singers - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 12 Sept 2008 [43.95MB]

Amazing Voice? Check. Riffs Galore? Check. Hit it.
Little Vegas & The Fuzz Parade - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sept 2008 [49.18MB]
Blinding set from this local trio. At about 13min there is a couple of recording glitches and one of them cuts out about 1 min of the start of the track. The MiniDisc involved has been retired with extreme prejudice.
Side Effects - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sep 2008 [54.84MB]
The Boat People - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sep 2008 [55.43MB]
Crowd favourite Ups & Downs bring out the older punters. For some reason I feel odd in a crowd where I'm not the oldest person. I also agree with Ben Salter that a Big Heavy Stuff reunion would be very nice.
Ups & Downs - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sept 2008 [68.83MB]
It appears there are now 28 permanent members of the Gin Club. A random selection of them performed some of their hits for us.
The Gin Club - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 13 Sep 2008 [68.07MB]

Australia's finest exponents of country rock and roll. no really he said so. and he's probably right.
The Re-Mains - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 14 Sep 2008 [63.76 MB]

A rain shortened set by the lovely Kate and the err.. handsome, Ben.
Texas Tea - Live @ The Valley Fiesta - 14 Sept 2008 [37.96MB]

Unless I wear a sign, someone is often going to talk to me at these shows and unless there is strong swearing involved [which I admit I am prone to occasionally] I usually can't take it out without damaging the integrity of the recording which I prefer not to do. It is a audience recording after all so I apologize in advance to any purists out there.

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