Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Last[ish] Rational Academy Show

in the current lineup at least. Meredeth and Ollie leave. Who knows what will happen next. Having said that I check the myspace page to make sure I spell everyones name right and Meredeth and Ollie have already disappeared; sic transit etc. Welcome Amelia, Todd, and Matt. You have a lot to live up to.

I got into the room after the first track had started so the fade in is a few minutes into it.

Rational Academy - Live @ The Judy - 11 Sept 2008[23.15MB]

They were supporting Qua. I like Qua a lot. His music is playful and he always seems to be enjoying himself. It builds well and while it's precise it doesn't sound calculated.

Probably best to listen to with headphones. The speaker system at the Judy was all round the room and some of it might sound like it's coming from behind even though I was looking directly at the performers.

Qua - - Live @ The Judy - 11 Sept 2008 [53.54MB]

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