Sunday, September 21, 2008

Laura At The Globe

Instrumental Rock; we has it. Apart from some thank yous and a howl or two and maybe some words to a Laura track, if you need vocals to make it interesting I got nothing for you tonight. But if you like riff laden loudness or bass driven shimmery guitar lines or drone head fucks with cello and a nice melody underlying it a la Mogwai [that wasn't any kind of comparison but it gives you some idea of the type of goods on display] then you are in for a treat.

Secret Birds

Secret Birds - Live @ The Globe - 20 Sept 2008 [36.20MB]

Del Toro

Del Toro - Live @ The Globe - 20 Sept 2008 [67.62MB]

like to play in the dark
Laura - Live @ The Globe - 20 Sept 2008 [97.67MB]

Technical Notes: At about 26min and 44min in the Laura set there are 2 - 4 sec gaps due to Sony being so crap at engineering. You may not notice the first unless you are listening closely.
These are soundboard recordings so the downside is you get no crowd noise. I like crowd noise but sometimes it just nice to be there and not have to worry about your ears pointing in the right direction all night. The upside is you get no crowd noise. Sometimes the crowd are dicks.
Everyone commented on how great the drum sound was at this gig. And it was good. But for some reason the Del Toro set sometimes sounds like there was no guitarist at all. Fortunately Bree is a fine drummer.


Andrew McMillen said...

Laura didn't really do much for me, and I had reasonable expectations. Perhaps put it down to my unfamiliarity with their material. The few I recognised were enjoyable, though. I feel better about the show a day later than I did immediately afterwards.

Thanks for the recordings, I'm keen to hear Secret Birds again. Nice to meet you!

pat said...

thanks for the recording

Stuart said...

Nice to meet you man. I had a good night, even if the three sets weren't really my thing. Good sets at the style of music they play, but not totally my preferred genres.

Cam said...

actually, a few days later some friends of mine were discussing how *weird* the drums sounded for del toro. total 80s snare.

i thought the secret birds set was really great. del toro were del toro. laura left me flat.

Harrison said...

I doubt anyone will read this but. Can anyone name what drone song secret birds is playing at the start of their set?

Its driving me crazy. I know I've listened to it a few times before, but can't place it.

sort of sounds like Sunn O))) & Boris' Bloodswamp or maybe Hands First Flower by Joe Preston w/ Melvins. But I'm not entirely sure

ex_king_john said...

I think they are originals but next time i see damon or tom I'll ask for you.

Harrison said...

yeah it could just be my damn imagination confusing it with a similar song. But thanks for any trouble.