Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Help Me WIn This Thing

So I have entered a competition on the dreaded Facebook wherein if I get the most likes for my Favourite Gig I win $5,000 towards gig costs. And believe me that may just cover next year. It wouldn't have covered last year and I would have a couple of hundred bucks left over at the end of this year.

I do hate picking a Best Of so I just went for an old standard, The Drones @ Splendour in 2008. Well worth listening to.

So please have a vote. Tell your friends, I have bugger all of them but you may be well liked and respected in your community, who knows.

If you aren't on Facebook you could join, vote then leave. No one will know.

And where do you get a chance to vote for something like this and actually get something back. I mean, you think I'm just going to go to the same shows I would have or do you think I would drastically increase my consumption of said shows to levels unheard of in this town.


So go here and Like it.

The Drones @ Splendour 2008

Thank you all. Even if you don't vote.


chuck said...

no likes im afraid here.. but I did LOVE the recent Hits and New Christs post!
Keep up the good work :D

Darren said...

Where on face book do I go to vote?

ex_king_john said...

Darren, that last link just above the last line of the post should take you to a page showing my entry. There is a 'Like" button there.

shadowfax1007 said...

If you get a chance, check out Jac Stone supporting Montpelier at the Zoo on Nov 13. Acoustic/folk sort of singer but she blew me away when I saw her at the Troubadour.

My CA-1's have died so I won't be taping. I have to send them back to Chris for repair.

Hoping they are fixed in time for my december gigs.

Planning on taping Bluesfest?