Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dead Meadow

at The Globe. I like the Globe although the sloping floor kills my calves after a couple of hours.

Slug Guts played a great set. The expanded lineup with vocalist and sax adds a lot to the sound. Very swampy.

Dead Meadow play stuff that could easily become indulgent. They avoid this altogether and play short songs that never over stay their welcome. It did not seem like 1hr 20min. That is always a good sign.

I also would like to thank Robert McManus and the Heathen Skulls organization for bringing these guys [and other bands like OM] to Brisbane. Too many tours never make it for whatever reason [I don't pretend to know why they don't get here] but if Dead Meadow can be made to work you have to wonder.

Slug Guts - Live @ The Globe - 15 Oct 2010

Dead Meadow - Live @ The Globe - 15 Oct 2010

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shadowfax1007 said...

Somehow my CA-1 mics died. Well, the right channel did. Going to have to send them back for repair. Hopefully get them back before all my gigs in december!