Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Trip To Spain Part 2 - Almost Primavera

As well as the festival itself Primavera has a number of record label showcase gigs running during the week before. I went to two of these; The Holy Cobra Society Showcase at the Sidecar, and the Heart Of Gold show at The Apolo.

Holy Cobra Society

Uber who were due to play pulled out so it was a late start at this intimate cellar venue to see Muletrain and The Intelligence. I spent the frst half of Muletrains set searching for a shop in as Ramblas which sold batteries. It was the night of the Champions League final and everyone was shut. Finally scored in an Internet Cafe somewhere. So I only got the last 15 minutes. Crashbeat they call it. Punk Hardcore Pop.

Muletrain - Live @ The Sidecar - 27 May 2009

The Intelligence are US indie pop and very good at it too.

The Intelligence - Live @ The Sidecar - 27 May 2009

On the way home I moved through the crowd in Place Catalunya celebrating the Barcalona win. Many of them were still there two days later.

Heart Of Gold

Got lost on the subway so I missed the first set by The Disciplines. Reigning Sound features Greg Cartwright of The Oblivians doing more straight forward material. At the time I was very ho hum with this set but it has grown on me.

Reigning Sound - Live @ The Apolo Barcalona- 26 May 2009


SeanceMascara said...

I know this is the wrong post to comment on and ask this but I saw your recording of Beaches at Meredith last year and wondered if you managed to tape anything else on the weekend. I, along with Morris from Sydney both attended yet didn't tape anything between us :( and I would love to have a few sets from the festival.

Anonymous said...

Love this wife is from Memphis and we used to see Greg's old band, The Oblivians. and their lo-fi partners in crime, 68 Comeback (monsieur Jeffrey Evans' band)when we lived there. An old roomate from Austin, Tx, Jeff 'Little Walter' Daniels (who played in Jack O'Fire and in several bands with ex- Big Boys Tim Kerr) also recorded with the Oblivians. Anyway, would love to hear this show but the link goes back to the Reigning Sound's my space page where I can't find a reference to this recording. Can you check and re-post this? Also. love mid 80s Aussie rock...any live Celibate Rifles, Died Pretty, Lime Spiders, Scientists, etc....from this period? Is the band Disgraceland still around...we met several members when they were exchange students in Memphis in the mid 90s. Thanks, great blog, enjoying the recordings...keep on taping!!!! Danny Sherr

Morris said...

Ah dude! The Intelligence! That's freasking awesome.

ex_king_john said...

Meredith last year was a washout for me personally. left on saturday arvo after seeing three bands. Beaches was one. didn't tape the other two. Next year OK?

Anonymous, sorry bout that. fixed in a few minutes.

morris, thank you. i am pretty impressed with your recent american trip.

ex_king_john said...

Danny, on your question about other Aussie rock shows, i don't have any original recordings but there are plenty around in tape trading circles. as for disgracelands, their myspace page said this year "
where are we now?
Current mood: impervious
Category: Music
One of us is in NSW being a scientist and hermit while the rest are in Queensland. Another of us has just recently become a parent. Some of us have other bands such as the Black Dogs, Dirt Music Club and the Five Hanks. One of us makes beautiful music for film and teaches sound production. One of us plays gigs with his mandolin pickin' 11 year old son. We all have families, jobs and mortgages. We are in good and happy places but cannot come out to play at the moment ...
with love, Disgraceland " though they do not rule out getting together again. so now you know.

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for the repost and the info on Disgraceland...great bunch of guys. Hope they get back together for some more Stooge-like wildness! I'll keep looking for some vintage 80s Aussie garage/punk, let you know if I find some. Thamks again, great blog, Danny