Monday, September 7, 2009

Live @ X&Y Bar

A new venue. Looks like it could be too upmarket in the long run for the likes of me and the bands I see most often. But a regular Thursday night show by appropriate bands would work I think. I enjoyed it. Particularly enjoyed watching the passersby peering in through the large window opening on to Ann St behind the band. Plus the sound is quite clean and well balanced and they have Asahi on tap.

This Secret Birds incarnation includes a few John Steele Singers. Damon's amp was playing up and it is hard to hear him sometimes but other than that a good set.
Secret Birds - Live @ X&Y Bar - 27 Aug 2009

The Axxonn set is a great recording of a duo who just spent a month or so playing around Europe and got way better at it while away. Sometimes it takes me a while to 'get' this style of music. I get Axxonn now.
Axxonn - Live @ X&Y Bar - 03 Sept 2009

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