Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Up Late At The Met

Another Up Late series this time at the Queensland Art Gallery for the Met's traveling show of American Expressionism. Superb art. Absolutely.

The musical evenings featured mainly solo artists because the stage area was quite small.

The other reason was probably because the concert area was a huge room about 5 times as wide as it was deep, with the stage set in a pool of water covering most of the floor, and with walls of marble. The acoustic equivalent of... i dunno, a big perfectly reflective box.

Kin Salmon with an amplified electric guitar was almost unlistenable. I missed the first half of Dave Graney's set but as he had only a miced acoustic it was OK but still harsh as hell. The comments on Robert Fosters final night show are all along these lines so it isn't just me.

The three acts I did get well are below. Still very echoey but nice enough. The comment between songs in Kate's set is Ben Salter.

GOMA sounds much nicer.

Holly Throsby - Live Up Late @ The Met - 07 August 2009

Kate Jacobson - Live @ The Met Up Late - 11 Sept 2009

Ben Salter - Live @ The Met Up Late - 11 Sept 2009

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Anonymous said...

Saw Paul Grabowsky's trio in the Up Late series, it was just as bad if not worse - the cavernous hall at QAG just does not work for live music.