Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mark Seymour at The Troubadour

The first of an occasional special treat. This recording is not mine but done by user rockola. Rockola does recordings irregularly and he doesn't think his output justifies a blog of his own so I have agreed to post suitable recordings of his from time to time. His first then is a nice recording of Mark Seymour recently at The Troubadour. I look forward to his anticipated Les Claypool set,

In his own words then here's rockola:

Mark Seymour played the Troubadour on 8 Oct 2009, in acoustic duo form,
with Cameron McKenzie on 2nd guitar and backing vocals. The Troubadour
was quite full, which of course doesn't take that much - it must be one
of the tiniest venues in Brisbane. Maybe 100 people in attendance? Also,
I was probably the only one there who didn't know all the words to Holy

As this was my first time out with my new rig, I didn't get a proper
recording of the support act (Asa Broomhall). There's a slight drop in
sound quality during the encore, due to operator error - still learning
how to use the gadget. Throw Your Arms Around Me is incomplete, you can
actually hear me walking out of the venue while they're still playing.

Track listing:

1. Dominion Road
2. The Ghost of Vainglory
3. True Tears of Joy
4. Westgate
5. Walk Through Fire
6. Holy Grail
7. Jerusalem
8. Little Bridges
9. Sirens in a Country Town
10. Do You See What I See
11. Mississauga
12. The Legend of the Snowmen
13. Love is a Heavy Load
14. Say Goodbye
15. Ready To Go
16. When The River Runs Dry
17. Throw Your Arms Around Me

Support the artist, buy the studio albums:
1 The Mutton Birds (NZ band) cover
2 Mark Seymour, "King Without A Clue"
3,6 Hunters & Collectors, "Cut"
4,5,7,11,13 Mark Seymour, "Westgate" (7 is a Steve Earle cover)
8,9,12 unreleased (8 written with Angie Hart)
10 Hunters & Collectors, "What's A Few Men?"
14,17 Hunters & Collectors, "Human Frailty"
15 Mark Seymour, "One Eyed Man"
16 Hunters & Collectors, "Ghost Nation"

Mark Seymour - Live @ The Troubadour - 08 Oct 2009

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