Saturday, October 10, 2009


Cut and Paste is such a chore, especially from Mediafire to Blogger.

If anyone else has been trying to download the Axxonn X&Y Bar set and wondering why they suddenly have vocals I have fixed the link and now if you click you won't get Spencer P Jones @ The Powerhouse. Sorry bout that.

I also must apologize to Axxonn because I have been wondering why Spencer was so popular suddenly. I mean he is popular for sure but I suspect most of the recent downloads of his Powerhouse set were made by very disappointed Axxonn fans.

Only one person has asked me about it though. So if in doubt here is the link again to

Axxonn - Live @ The X&Y Bar - 03 Sept 2009

and here is the link to

Spencer P Jones - Live @ The Powerhouse - 16 Aug 2009

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Rx said...

Thanks for fixing that!!! Downloading now :)