Thursday, January 22, 2009

Neil Young and My Morning Jacket at the BEC

First saw MMJ at Big Day Out. I went to see the first three songs then off to the Drones. Here are the three tracks.

Three songs by My Morning Jacket at 2009 Big Day Out Gold Coast

Then to the Brisbane Entertainment Centre [BEC] on Wed night. It's a barn. The sound was full of mud. The MMJ set actually sounds better on tape than in real life because of the in-ear mics I think. On the night I could not understand a word being sung. Neil Young started out the same but they eventually got it right.

Both acts were great. Personally what I saw of the MMJ BDO set was more fun as I suppose befits a festival set but I'd be more than happy to see them again in concert.

My Morning Jacket - Live @ The BEC - 21 Jan 2009

Neil Young is ... um ... Neil Young. Is he too old for this sort of thing? I don't think he grew old, I think he grew up. I look forward to hearing the Prodigy's "Greendale" in 20 years time. Actually , no I don't.

Neil Young - Live @ The BEC - 21 Jan 2009

And below, a new feature, previews of songs from sets. Lets see how it works. If you like the idea let me know.


Anonymous said...


Did you tape the drones set?

Also, are you going to tape the Gareth Liddiard solo show at the Troub in Feb? Your last Gareth solo recording is incredible.

Have been following your sites due to your drones recordings for a long time now, haha.


ex_king_john said...

I did record the Drones BDO set but there were problems on the day and lots of recording glitches on a few tracks. I'll salvage as much as I can and post it later.

I plan on doing the Troubadour show.

My gear in in for a service but should be back on deck for Laneway when, oh look, the drones are playing.

Anonymous said...

Great news =).

I'll be looking forward to them! And huge thanks for all the excellent recordings of them you've already made.