Monday, January 26, 2009

All Tomorrows Parties

in Brisbane was great. Having three separate indoors concerts and one outdoors day long worked well except for the cost. I missed Michael Gira but saw the rest. For me the revelation was Afririmpo. Big fun.

Recording was screwed by gear failures so I can only post the bits without too many glitches. The main problem is occasional drops in volume in the right channel. I have 'fixed' the recordings where I could and the problem is drops in volume not spikes so you shouldn't hurt your ears.

I'm still working on some so I'll add as they become available. Here's the first batch.

Harmonia - Live @ The Powerhouse - 13 Jan 2009 [106.91MB]

Dead Meadow - Live @ The Powerhouse - 16 Jan 2009 [69.17MB]


Anonymous said...

Hey - Many many thanks for the Harmonia show! Any plans to post other Harmonia ATP/Australia concerts?


ex_king_john said...

I only attended the Brisbane shows so I have no more Harmonia. Still working slowly through the other sets.

I probably shouldn't tell you about shows I didn't record but last night I saw the Guru Guru show [Mani only] with a relatively young Australian guitarist from the Melbourne extreme drone band Grey Daturas, and a sax and bass player who seem to be old friends of Mani. The Acid Mothers duo had to pull out because of ill health. They were so freaking good.

On a happier note I should get my gear back from service on Tuesday and new stuff will flow. I'm especially looking forward to Golden Plains. mogwai, tony allen, gary numan, black mountain, of montreal, the drones, the church, dan deacon, brant bjork and the bros, old crow medicine show, jim white and john doe, quintron and miss pussycat, the black seeds, luluc, you am i, and a dozen more. all playing one after the other from Friday afternoon to Sunday morning on one stage.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the fast response - the show sounded great! Keep up the good work!