Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Have Been A Naughty Boy.

Nothing posted since 29 Nov 2008. Haven't I seen anything since then??? Well, not really. Lord knows I tried. One day the truth about Meredith 2008 may come out but lets just say I'll never buy a cheap tent again, and showerproof =/= waterproof. I do have tickets for Golden Plains though [please don't tell me it rains there in March OK?]

I also totally forgot to put up The Lucksmiths CD Launch show at The Troubadour in early November so here it is.

The Lucksmiths - Live @ The Troubadour - 08 Nov 2008 [112.09MB]

From the Meredith trip I have Ten East at Northcote.

Ten East - Live @ Northcote Social Club - 11 Dec 2008 [84.28MB]

From the Valve Christmas Party here are

Del Toro - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [38.96MB]

Sekiden - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [61.3MB]

An Horse - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [54.88MB]

i heart hiroshima - Live @ The Zoo - 20 Dec 2008 [71.16MB]

and a special treat, The Horrortones at the MereNoise Xmas Party.

The Horrortones - Live @ The Troubadour - 19 Dec 2008 [67.72MB]

There were a few other bits and pieces of support bands and a couple of sets I need to do stuff with first so keep an eye out.

I didn't go to Sunset Sounds mainly because after buying tickets to BDO, Neil Young, Laneway, Golden Plains, ATP Brisbane Riverstage [plus Harmonia, Fuck Buttons, Dead Meadow, and Afririmpo side shows], Laughing Clowns, Europe [the place], Primavera 09, and probably Roskilde 09 if someone buys the cat, I just couldn't afford it. I am looking for cheap places to sleep in Spain in June if anyone can help :)

So I have been busy I suppose. Come back next week.

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