Thursday, December 24, 2009

Vampillia and Turnpike

Not quite the last 2009 show. But one of my favourite bands, Turnpike, supporting Vampillia, A Japanese barrel of laughs. Vampires, Opera, and Ninja Guitar.

No Name is actually the Vampillia drummer playing along to some cool lounge jazz stylings. When I say playing along I mean over the top of. Very good he is. But Rational Academy were left with only 15 minutes to play and Laurence English played for a similar time and got so excited he broke his Macs screen.

Merry Christmas to all my visitors. Last show of 2009 will be Dave McCormack's Supa Happy Fun Day show with Seja and Gentle Ben as supports. The New Year kicks off on Jan 1 with Roots Manuva and then a bunch of festivals like Laneway and Sunset Sounds. No BDO in 2010 for me. Seriously, Muse?? Again?? Anyway have a happy and safe holiday season wherever you are.

Turnpike - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009

No Name - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009

The Rational Academy - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009

Vampillia - Live @ The Clubhouse - 18 Dec 2009-50

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