Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lightning Bolt

Try this. The whole show was amazing. Final show from The Grey Daturas, The Primitive Calculators get back together, Slug Gutz bring in the new, Abject Leader bring the incomprehensible AV shows on 16mm [I don't record soundtracks], and Lightning Bolt bring the noize.

But the sound is difficult. The Grey Dat's drone is hard enough at the best of times and the set here is actually OK.

The Primitive Calculators should really stop asking the crowd if they can hear the [bass,organ,guitar,vocals] because the crowd usually says "No, turn it up" So the sound is mush. Why do they have a sound person in the first place if they are going to rely on a bunch of drunks down the front to set levels.

Lightning Bolt, well I would have had to have been in the front row and then I'd have bass in the left ear and drums in the right but there is no way I would go into that crowd. As it was I was only 10ft back and up a step and what I got was mainly bass. I have treated the recording a bit to up the drums but there are better recordings around.

Slug Gutz - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009
The Grey Daturas - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009
Primitive Calculators - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009
Lightning Bolt - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 22 Nov 2009

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