Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Odds & Ends

Tidying up my hard drive to get ready for the new year and a couple of small things.

I stopped in at Ric's one evening for a beer before a show somewhere else and caught The Sunday Reeds sound check. Here it is.

Sunday Reeds - Sound Check @ Ric's - 28 Aug 2009

The Hard-Ons 25th Anniversary show I seem to have missed the start of the encore but here are most of the first song with Ray on vocals and the last song. I must have been tireder than I thought. I didn't even know I had this till last night.

The Hard-Ons - Extra Tracks - Live @ The Step Inn - 06 Nov 2009

Kev Carmody played at the Valley Fiesta and my recording was marred by the road noise from the highway that ran right past the back of the stage. I have gone back to it and with the magic of filters and noise reduction technology have made it quite listenable. So if you got the original then throw it out and get this copy. I have also replaced the link in the original post with this one.

Kev Carmody - Live @ The Valley Fiesta 2009

Tomorrow the Dave McCormack Boxing Day Show then I'm up to date.

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