Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dave McCormack Ends It All.

the year I mean.

Little Murders is Dave's new album. Here is the launch show at The Hi-Fi.
Seja started off the night and her beefed up sound [now feat guitar and drums] is great. Unfortunately I was experimenting with equipment and while the first half is OK the second half with the drummer is clipped to hell. I may post part of the show later.

Gentle Ben followed and did his usual thing of making every other man in the room look ugly and uncoordinated. Bastard.

Dave was great. Seriously is there such a thing as a bad Dave McCormack show? Or are some just better than others?

Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 26 Dec 2009

Dave McCormack & The Polaroids - Live @ The Hi- Fi - 26 Dec 2009

Thank You All
I've had a great year and I'd especially like to thank all the people involved in the shows I did attend. New Year starts tomorrow with Roots Manuva and Jan and Feb are full on.

Thank you all for listening. Music is the best.

Here is Seja's set from the day. The last three songs have some distortion in the drum sounds but are listenable. The songs are good enough to get you through.

Seja - Live @ The Hi-Fi - 26 Dec 2009

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unsandpiper said...

please do post your recording of seja, I enjoyed the last one a lot