Saturday, April 18, 2009

Good Friday

i heart hiroshima allowed back to Ric's and pack the place out for the first of three friday night shows in preparation for their assault on Europe. Show starts at midnight and the line was well formed by then. Not the best recording of them I have but try it anyway. Missed the second show last night but I'll be there next week for the last with Dick nasty oh yes I will.

i heart hiroshima - Live @ Ric's - 11 Apr 2009

I don't give links usually but if any europeans are reading here's their website. check the dates. you will have a good time believe me.

i heart hiroshima

in case anyone is upset by the name it is a [affectionate?] pisstake on Hiroshima Mon Amour the very great French fillum by Alain Resnais. Australian humour.


Anonymous said...

Hey man!

Been enjoying your recent recordings coming in quick bursts, haha.

Also, sorry to hijack this post a little, but did you end up taping the Gareth Liddiard solo show?

ex_king_john said...

geez i'm thick. there were some problems with my gear at gigs about them and I was going to tidy up some sets. Strangely Liddiards set was on eof the few that worked.

here it is just for you

I'll put it into a post soon.

no really.

right now i'm working 6 days a week trying to finish all my work before i go to europe in late may for 7 weeks. not sure when normal service will be resumed :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks!

Figured it might have just gotten lost amidst the gear troubles so this is great to see/hear!