Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Hits Open The Hi-Fi Bar with The Drones later that night

It wasn't ready but they opened anyway. It's big, cool, multi-leveled, loud, expensive, not sure how to do stuff like serve drinks, did I say big? I love it already. Parking will be a pain but I don't drink much so I drive whereas most of the intended clientele drink like elephants facing a drought [and dance like them too] so it may not be a problem.

The bitches I have heard so far range from lousy sound to too expensive to drink which for a place you go to drink and listen to music would seem like deal killers. I didn't find the sound that bad. The Drones were loud but clear enough. The support bands sounded like all support bands do. The sound guy pushes the 'support band' button as they start and it get muddy. Every venue has that button. I also think that as more get played they will tune it up for the room. So I am very optimistic.

Like I said, I don't drink much [I'm waiting for you all to catch up] so people paying over $10 for a mixed can is very meh to me. Right next door is a public bar which I am sure will get hit hard before, during, and after future shows.

Overall I think that it will prove a boon for West End and I look forward to seeing how it fits in.

So here they are.

The Hits played a great set. Like I said, the sound was poor so this may not be the best intro to the band.

The Hits - Live @ The Hi-Fi Bar - 29 Apr 2009

Witch Hat grew on me after the first couple of songs and I admit to not taking as much notice of them as I should. I took the opportunity to study the crowd which the layout allows much more than other venues in Brisbane where you tend to only see the backof the people in front of you. Also I was standing to the right of the stage for this set and the bass is very prominent in the mix.

Witch Hat - Live @ The Hi-Fi Bar - 29 Apr 2009

The Drones are my favourite band right now. And this is a good set. A little bass boomy but otherwise fine.

EDIT: I have now heard the official release of this set and seriously you should get hold of that. It sounds way better than this one. If you really want a Havilah laden set try the Zoo recording from last year. The sound is much better.

The Drones - Live @ A New Bar In Brisbane - Apr 2009


Andrew McMillen said...

Nice Drones set. Pity you missed the encore - Sixteen Straws and The Miller's Daughter. 12.30am finish on a Wednesday is rough, though.

PS it's Witch Hats, plural

ex_king_john said...

yeah, nowhere to sit at all is a killer at my age.

Heapsawill said...

Sorry but i have to agree with the masses on this one - Drones were great but venue a bit of a anti-climax i reckon...

Heapsawill said...

Hey again mate,

The Drones are just about to release a live album of this show, just wondered if you'd be interested in giving it a listen for comparative purposes?