Sunday, March 22, 2009

Big Night Out

First to the Judy for No Anchor CD Launch. Heinz Riegler opened and his new material is beautiful. Very beautiful imagery and simple playing to showcase it. Still developing so maybe later there can be before and after comparisons but until then ou just have to take the word of anyone who has seen him recently; It will be worth the wait. So looking forward to seeing it hit daylight.

Closely followed by Laurence English on hand pumped harmonium or similar and electronic drone effects.

No Anchor did well in a room that is effectively a concrete box. Brutal.

No Anchor - Live @ The Judy - 21 Mar 2009.mp3

And so to The Step Inn for Miss Jess's Birthday bash though the bands did not know before hand that is what it was. She got to see her three favourite bands. Mine too.

I missed Nova Scotia but saw Sekiden.

Sekiden - Live @ The Step Inn - 21 Mar 2009.mp3

Also Seaplane. Again looking forward to the new CD which will be even better than the first.

All in all a great night. 5 and a half worls class acts for $25 plus beer. Where else but Brizvegas.

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Hanney said...

Hot DANG IT I have missed Sekiden, great recording, thanks!