Friday, March 13, 2009

Golden Plains 2009


till Primavera.


Took me 15 min to work out these guys weren't taking the piss.

Brant Bjork - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 [61.75 MB]

The Black Seeds - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 52.93 MB

Black Mountain redeemed stoner rock somewhat.

Black Mountain - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 [59.14 MB]

Mogwai - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 76.91 MB


Luluc - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 29.81 MB

Pivot - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 59.36 MB

My Disco - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 65.73 MB

Tony Allen - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 68.09 MB

Nowhere near my best recording but a wonderful set from The Drones
The Drones - Live @ Golden Plains - 2009 70.13 MB

New equipment is now fully operational. I learned a lot at this festival, specifically during Deafwish, Dan Kelly, Jim White & John Doe [jeez they are funny guys] and Gary Numan. Still playing with the Church set and if I can do it justice I'll post it later.


Daz Murray said...

Awesome! I was there, what a great festival

Anonymous said...

My Disco is really cool! Caught them in Baltimore a couple of years ago.

ex_king_john said...

Yeah they are great. they are in your neck of the woods right now though I understand the drummer had his passport stolen in Canada so they can't return to the US to finish their dates there.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I've just come across your site and I could cry! Amazing! I've had the drones recording form Golden Plains for a while now from elsewhere on the net. Love it! Unfortunately Australian acts never seem to come over to NZ (prefering the rest of the world) so this is the next best thing. I just don't know where to start, so much Ed Kuepper! Argggggggghhhh!!!!!! Which Kuepper recording would you recommend from "There is always a past"?

ex_king_john said...

The Currumbin Sound Lounge sets are good for Ed and band. They were touring the Yellow Dog CD. Apart from the first couple of songs where this dickhead couple carried on a long boring conversation.

The Ric's set from Nov 2006 is a good Ed solo set. One of my first ever recordings.

Rx said...

Just recently discovered your blog... very excited to see a post of Mogwai at Golden Plains :( But when I download it the file is Spencer P :( Any chance you could repost the Mogwai one??? It's Renae from Undead Apes here; your Step Inn post was ace!! Thanks :)

ex_king_john said...

The link URL matches the megaupload URL. I downloaded it at lunchtime when I saw your message. Try this direct link it should be a 76MB mp3 file called Mogwai - Live at Golden Plans -2009 - Broadcast.mp3 Apart from that let me lknow and I'll upload another copy to mediafire for you.

Rx said...

I'm an idiot. It's the Axxon x&y set that keeps giving me Spencer P... my bad sorry. Perhaps it's just my computer telling me it's not into shoegazer?

ex_king_john said...

Fixed. Thanks for that. Also posted apology to Axxonn in new post.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for all the cool recordings. Good to find some more (I got a few from FanMade). You didn't happen to record of Montreal did you? I'm a bit skeptical of downloading the other source as he speaks pretty lowly of it.

ex_king_john said...

what i have is here, sorry.

SeanceMascara said...

Oh wow, totally forgot you recorded Pivot. Listening now and it sounds great.

dlz1965 said...

Just came across your amazing site,thanks so much for Black Mountain and others. Keep up the great work.