Saturday, December 24, 2011

Future Of The Left

I have no idea why but the FOTL set from The Zoo did not turn out.  The Turnpike set was fine as you will hear.  But I did get the Tym Guitars in-store set which was wonderful plus a couple of videos.  Enjoy

Future Of The Left - Live @ Tym Guitars In Store - 6-Dec-11

This was the best set I have ever heard from Turnpike.  That seems to be the opinion of most Turnpike fans I have spoken to.  The sound was excellent [Thanks Cam] Adam found the mic almost every time and the band was tight and enjoying themselves.  Turnpike has the best banter.

Turnpike - Live @ The Zoo - 6-Dec-11

This FOTL video is from The Zoo show and gives you an idea of what you missed.

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