Monday, January 9, 2012

More Replacements.

These are also replacing 64kb mp3s posted earlier. Last ones I promise. If you took the earlier copies dump them and get these. Thanks. Normal service will resume in a moment

BMXrays - Live @ Ric's - 02 Nov 2011 V2

Turnpike - Live @ Ric's - 02 Nov 2011 V2

X - Live @ The Spring Hill Hotel - 13 Nov 2011 V2

Hits - Live @ The Beetle Bar - 12 Nov 2011 (2)

I wasn't at The Beetle Bar for the X set there, sorry.

1 comment:

chuck said...

as the norm.. trapped in a bullshit lifestyle of working nights and living too far from city mayhem to catch all these gigs you so graciously record on behalf of music lovers like myself...
was happy as shit to see the X gig up the other day and happier than a big fat pig in 100% pure organic shit to see the upgrade here so quickly..many thx :)
Screamfeeder gig sounds awesome too..
many thanx.