Tuesday, April 24, 2012

In which I farewell Hits and other things

Started at The Waiting Room and really enjoyed The Late Greaty Russian Revolution then Bottlecock.

The Late Great Russian Revolution - Live @ The Waiting Room - 13 Apr 2012

Bottlecock - Live @ The Waiting Room - 13 Apr 2012

Then into Woodland now known as The Log Cabin to see Hits before they take off to destroy Europe. Was talking to Tamara when Gregor ambled on stage to set up his drums. I said it should be fun going through customs etc with Gregor in tow. How we laughed. As the band started and Dick appeared I realized just how much fun it would be. For those who don't know the band, Dick is barely acting in the video and nor is Gregor [the man on the toilet].

The Horrortones - Live @ The Log Cabin - 13 Apr 2012

Hits - Live @ The Log Cabin - 13 Apr 2012

bigstrongbrute and Texas Tea at The Powerhouse

bigstrongbrute launched their CD and Texas Tea supported in its new band form [Ben and Kate with Bass and Drums].

bigstrongbrute - Live @ The Powerhouse - 01 Apr 2012

Texas Tea - Live @ The Powerhouse - 01 Apr 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Dead Meadow at The Zoo

Dead Meadow - Live @ The Zoo - 05 Apr 2012

Pink Mountaintops - Live @ The Zoo - 05 Apr 2012

Elbow at The Tivoli

This was one of the most enjoyable concerts I have been to. The Tivoli is a small hall and it was packed. The crowd was having a good time and the band was enjoying the crowd. Even the sing-a-longs were done well.
The recording has some of the drum/bass buzz of the Dirty Three recording but not as bad.

Elbow - Live @ The Tivoli - 24 Mar 2012

Dirty Three at The Tivoli

How good are these guys. The banter alone makes it worth the entrance price.

A warning to audiophiles; there is a buzz in the bass/drum sound that I cannot get rid of. It is a little annoying but the recording can still be enjoyed. If anyone knows about this stuff and would like to try cleaning it, please email me and I'll make a loss free copy available.

The Dirty Three - Live @ The Tivoli - 22 Mar 2012